Zoom on the Microsoft Lifecam Cinema webcam in Microsoft teams

In Skype, the video device settings dialog allows me to zoom in on the webcam.

In Teams, such a dialog does not exist.

Internet sources say, and I’m sure it worked awhile ago, that you only need to zoom in the webcam before activating it in Teams. Unfortunately, this fails:

– There is no more webcam software for this product, there was one for Windows 7, but it was withdrawn because Microsoft claims that the webcam has built-in support from Windows 8. I am under Windows 10 now, and it looks like this is only true for video, but not for settings.

– I can launch Skype and adjust the video zoom there, then close Skype, then activate the camera in Teams. If I do, I can see the enlarged image for about 1-2 seconds, then the video reverts to the full frame.

Has anyone found a way / tool to magnify the image in Teams?

Internet sources say, by the way, that Logitech webcams still come with a tuning tool and you can use it in Teams (although you lose the preview feature). So if this is correct, I have to dump a $ 60 Microsoft webcam and buy a $ 60 Logitech camera to get the camera to work properly in Microsoft Teams?

It’s boring, really,

Thanks, Armin.

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