Wyze App Update Supports Lighting Family Product Bundling and More

Wyze products are a solid choice for smart home fans. The company sells a wide variety of devices including security cameras, locks, doorbells and more. A wise However, the decision before investing in smart home products would be to check if they are actively supported. After all, security vulnerabilities pop up all the time and you’d want a fix ASAP, before someone potentially hacks into your live camera feed. Luckily for Wyze users, the company is actively releasing updates to its mobile products and apps. The company just upgraded the version number of its iOS and Android apps to 2.31, which makes it possible to consolidate lighting family products, delete accounts and more. Additionally, the company has released updated firmware versions for a few of its devices.

Wyze mobile app update

Along with support for account deletion and grouping of lighting family products, version 2.31 contains a few more additions. These include support for suspending Wyze Home Monitoring, a Smart Support tool for self-diagnosis, and other improvements and bug fixes. iOS and Android users can now download the updated version from the respective App Store to enjoy these changes.

Wyze Product Firmware Updates

Mobile app updates aside, Wyze’s Cam v3 has also received some love from the company. Latest version adds new settings for garage door controller trigger duration. Besides Cam v3, the garage door controller has also received an update. Version adds support for the same new settings included in the new Cam v3 firmware. You can make sure your devices are up to date through the Wyze mobile app.

To read the full changelogs for these software updates, visit the company’s website linked below.

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