What is Telegram Premium and what do you get?

(Pocket-lint) – Following the announcement that it had reached the milestone of 700 million active users and become one of the most downloaded apps in the world in 2022, Telegram has announced a new level premium for its superusers.

For years, Telegram has been a free and (mostly) ad-free messaging service, offering convenient and secure messaging that earns nothing from its users’ data.

Instead, it operated solely on investors’ money. But with the growth of its user base and the rising cost of running the service, Telegram has announced a new monthly subscription offer that adds more features for its super users.

How much does it cost?

  • £4.99/month in UK
  • $4.99/month in the US
  • €5.49/month in Europe

This is the most important question, and the answer is: not very much. In the UK, when the service goes live, a monthly subscription is £4.99. In the US, it’s $4.99. In Europe, it’s €5.49 per month.

What additional features can I get?

As with any premium subscription like this, you get a mix of features that are really useful for those using the service. a lot, and other fun perks. Here’s what Telegram has announced so far:

1. 4GB Downloads

Any user on the free tier can upload files up to 2 GB, but with the premium tier you can upload files up to 4 GB. It should be noted that if you are not a premium user, you can still receive and download these 4 GB files. The restriction only applies to downloads.

2. Faster downloads

If you have a premium account, you will be able to download content, files and media to your device at the fastest speed available. There are no limits outside of what your network can handle.

3. Double limits on just about everything

This is where you start to see superuser come in. With a premium account you can follow up to 1000 channels, create 20 chat folders with up to 200 chats each, you can add a fourth account to your Telegram app, save up to 10 favorite stickers and pin 10 chats to your master list.

Other boosts include the ability to write a longer bio, reserve up to 10 public t.me links to share your favorite groups and channels, and you can have up to 400 favorite GIFs.

4. Voice-to-text

Sending voice notes is a very popular way to communicate in any messaging app, but it’s not always convenient to listen, so with a premium account, Telegram will open voice-to-text transcriptions. This means you’ll still be able to see what the message says, even if you can’t or don’t want to listen. You can also rate the transcripts to improve the quality of service.

5. Unique stickers and full screen animations

Like iMessage, you will be able to enjoy full-screen animations for stickers when you subscribe to Telegram Premium. The collection will be updated every month, and even free users will be able to receive and view them (but not send them).

6. Unique reactions

Premium users also have access to a selection of new reactions. This is in addition to the usual reactions, and some of them also include pop-up animations.

7. Animated profile pictures

It won’t be the only way to tell you have a premium account, but it will be the most obvious: animated profile pictures. This allows you to have a short video as a thumbnail rather than a static image.

8. Discussion management

Again, for super users with lots of newsgroups to organize. For example, you can set a group of chats to be the default group that opens instead of the inbox catch-all list of all your chats. If, for example, you want to set family or work colleagues as your main folder, you can. Or you can ask it to open a list of your unread messages first.

9. Premium Badges

Like the animated profile picture, this will let others know that you are a premium user. Every premium tier member receives a small premium icon badge on their profile, which appears in the chat list for everyone to see.

10. Premium app icons

Premium users will also be able to replace their app icon with one of the new premium-only app icons, rather than one of the few predefined ones. This includes the premium “star” icon.

11. No ads at all

Currently, ads are generally not showing, even for free users. However, in some circumstances they do, such as in large groups organized by one person. In these cases, you might see what Telegram describes as “minimal design sponsored posts”. If you’re a premium subscriber, you won’t even see them.

How can I get it?

Like most apps with premium services, it’s a simple in-app purchase. Download the latest update of the Telegram app for iPhone, iPad or Android, then open “Settings”. You will see an option for “Telegram Premium” in the main settings list, tap it, then confirm your monthly subscription in the pop-up window.

Written by Cam Bunton.

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