We’re all cam girls now

Make that content baby. Go out and make daddy content. Have you ever heard that phrase echoing in the back of your head? I have, every day, as my inner monologue drives me to get up and get to work mining the content. We live in a Truman show of our own manufacture. We’re all cam girls now. And this is a good thing.

The connection is good. You can be with your friends, digitally. I’m lucky to live in a city where I can walk around wearing my favorite mesh alien t-shirt and heels and Morpheus sunglasses and not being the weirdest dressed person on the block. But not everyone has that luxury. I was stuck in a homosexual, homogeneous town for the first 18 years of my life and had no option to leave. There are a lot of stuck, out of place people at different ages for various reasons. But the banners and online communities allow them to find a place where they can feel seen. People who broadcast their lives online help foster connection. And can give you someone to have dinner with. Hats off to you Mukbang eaters!

Visibility is good. We opened our homes to strangers, shared our lives on Twitter and Twitch, posted our meals, our triumphs, our defeats. We share the most intimate parts of our lives, just like blessed hardworking cam girls. We can see different types of people on streams now. From farmers to dodgy psychologists to entire families playing games together; young and old, all nationalities, everyone has their place online.

Marina Abramovic

Prolonged eye contact makes me so uncomfortable, this lady is brave.

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