WATCH: WSNBG Black Eagles live on webcam

Black Eagle Project Roodekrans (BEPR) has announced that the live webcam is back and eagle enthusiasts will be able to view the nest from the comfort of their own home.

In early December last year, BERP photographer Ernest Porter told the Northside that the installation of the new live camera was scheduled for mid-December and that from the upcoming breeding season, black eagle followers will be able to watch from home live what is happening in the nest .

According to photographer and BEPR observer Johann van den Berg, when Makatsa arrived in 2016, she decided to build a new nest away from the webcam they had at that point.

We are very happy to have a webcam again and to be able to watch the eagles at all times. Modern technology will allow us not only to focus on the nest, but also to zoom in on other activities around the nest,” Johann explained.

BEPR has had Africam install a web camera on the nest in the past, and since the arrival of the new female in 2016, they have not had a camera to view the new nest.

According to BEPR monitors, the eagles might not be visible all the time because they are only at the beginning of the breeding cycle.

Viewers can spot Makatsa and Mahlori bringing sticks to the nest in the morning (07:00-10:00 local SA time) and egg-laying usually takes place in April/May, meaning viewers can spend hours watching the eagles in action.

The last sighting of juvenile Amari was on December 26 last year and both adults are now enjoying their ‘rest’ period, flying from ridge to ridge without the interference of a juvenile.

BEPR monitors continue to speak with many visitors about the eagles’ possible future plans and have decided to resume monitoring from Tuesday morning.

Members of the public are encouraged to visit the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden and chat with the monitors in the waterfall pool.

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