Wally the walrus fans can now watch him from a webcam installed in Iceland

If you miss all the action from Wally the Walrus since he left our shores a few weeks ago, you’ll be happy to know that you can now stream his activity live from a webcam installed in a harbor. Icelandic.

Wally spent the last week in Höfn, experts claiming he will likely scour the area for food to regain his energy after swimming 900 miles from West Cork.

The huge creature appears to have lost a bit of weight, looking a bit slimmer since it was spotted putting on weight on the west coast of Cork last month.

After completing his six-month European tour of Wales, England, France and Spain, Wally has now returned home to Iceland to enjoy his natural surroundings.

“Based on sightings from his previous locations, Wally is probably looking for food in the area,” Seal Rescue Ireland said, sharing a link to where you can watch the live broadcast from the port and possibly spot our chubby mate with tusks.

“This is a good sign because, as you can see from the photos taken in West Cork and Iceland, Wally needs all the energy and fat he spent on his long swim!”

While in Cork, huge efforts were made to create places where Wally could rest after destroying several boats in the area.

“We are very grateful to the many members of the public who have shown their support and love for this walrus by providing a safe place to rest and gather strength while visiting our shores.”

We now hope that Wally will reunite with his walrus friends and we are sure he will have quite a story to tell!

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