VSCO launches Spaces, a collaborative gallery for creators

The VSCO photo-editing app spawned the ubiquitous VSCO girl archetype of 2019 (AKA the genesis of the TikTok “clean girl”). But it can also be credited with catapulting filters and the neatly organized Instagram grid to greater heights.

VSCO, originally known as VSCO Cam in 2011, was founded on the principles of photography and creativity. Now the company wants to further champion creators, with a full relaunch and the introduction of VSCO Spaces.

The app’s new Spaces feature is described by the company as “a new way to connect with other creators through shared galleries and visual conversations.” Here, creators can create shared galleries centered around specific themes, aesthetics, places, or events. The idea is to get “creative success” flowing alongside various contributors and other VSCO enthusiasts.

Photographers and users participating in Spaces can then get feedback from others, launch projects and daily prompts, or simply share and observe the work.

Each space will be limited to 15 contributors “to encourage meaningful connections”, says VSCO. Only members can create spaces, but any VSCO user can join one if invited.

Credit: VSCO / Mashable edition

Any VSCO creation – member or not – can also observe Spaces, even if they are not a participant, thanks to a view-only mode.

The feature is available to all members starting today and will roll out to the entire community in summer 2022.

“At VSCO, we want to be a vehicle for meaningful conversations and connections between creators. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Spaces,” Ashley Robinsonresponsible for digital content strategy, says Mashable.

“We view spaces as visual conversations to encourage creators to expand their creative journey – together. Through our research, we know that serious creators crave community, and we’re proud to be the platform to bring greater intentionality to how they build this.”


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VSCO said this update, along with others that make up the relaunch, came from research conducted by the company. In 2019, VSCO had 100 million registered usersand in this more recent study, VSCO found that these creators were looking for more ways to connect with other creators.

The tech company is the latest in a series of apps attesting, at least in name, to the importance of supporting creators. After all, what would so many apps be without them?

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