Turn your smartphone camera into a Full HD webcam with the Camo app


The global pandemic has sent many people working from home to attend meetings on Zoom or Google Meet. But the built-in webcams that came with laptops didn’t really work. On my Asus Vivobook, the images are mostly grainy and suffer terribly in low light. But smartphone cameras have come of age and you can now replace your laptop webcam with the full power of your beautiful smartphone camera with the right app.

The Camo app available in both free and paid version is a great choice that I tested on a Windows 10 Asus Vivobook laptop with my Android Oneplus 9 phone. It worked wonderfully with no noticeable bugs. The camo app turns your smartphone camera into a secondary video source for just about any video chat software on your laptop.

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To get started, you need to download the Camo app for your Android or iPhone, then the Camo software on your Windows PC or Macbook. Then connect your phone to your laptop using a USB cable. USB debugging must be enabled on your Android phone. From my Oneplus, this can be activated by going to Settings> About phone then typing “Construction number” 7 times that activates developer mode. Activate usb debugging, you are going to Settings> System> Developer options> USB debugging. That’s it.

Google Meet using a smartphone as a webcam

When you start Zoom or Google Meet, the video feed will default to your laptop’s webcam. You can change this for your smartphone camera by selecting Reincubate Camo in the camera input options usually found in the settings. For Google Meet for example, this can be done by going to Settings> Video> Camera and select Reincubate Camo from the drop-down list. On Zoom, select the Video / Camera icon and select Reincubate Camo from the drop-down list.

Camo Desktop Windows App

Camo desktop software is used to make some changes to your webcam video. For example, you can switch between the rear camera and your phone’s selfie camera. You can set the to concentrate, choose the video resolution, select audio. You can also set video presets or filters for your video. You can adjust the light, brightness, hue, saturation contrast And so on. Some of these features are however only available in the Pro or paid version of the app.

Download the free Camo app here.


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