This Logitech C615 webcam for just $30 is an amazing deal


Calling all Zoomers, streamers, and anyone who’s ever needed a webcam – now that you’ve upgraded your audio setup to the Blue Yeti Nano deal we shared earlier this week, you can also get a camera at a bargain price. Catch this review – recommended by Geek Logitech C615 1080p Webcamnow at $29.99 ($20 off).

Most laptops these days don’t come with great webcams. Even Apple, which is responsible for putting less-than-stellar cameras in their Mac products, told users to simply use their iPhones instead. While this option is fine for iPhone/Mac owners who want to make this feature work in the future, the rest of us are stuck with the inferior solutions built right into our PCs. That’s why products like dedicated webcams have become so popular, especially in the era of remote and hybrid work and education.

A good webcam has become vital for professionals and amateurs alike. Whether you take regular video calls, record presentations, or stream games on Twitch, you should consider upgrading your setup with the Logitech C615 1080p webcam. Recommended by our sister site, Geek reviewThis webcam shoots 1080p video, it’s easy to clip to your laptop or desktop monitor, and it can be rotated to the most optimal angle.

You can pick up the Logitech C615 1080p webcam for $29.99 ($20 off) right now. Considering this mid-range is already reasonably priced, today’s deal is practically a bargain. Just be sure to grab it before the offer expires on Sunday, September 25.

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