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Cameras will be introduced at Stone’s waste recycling center later this year so users can see how busy they are before they leave. By seeing if there is a wait, users can stagger their trips and reduce queues at peak times.

The initiative is part of an update and improvement program by Staffordshire County Council after it ended a management contract with contractors and took over the direct management of the sites.

Simon Tagg, Staffordshire County Council Cabinet Member for Environment, Infrastructure and Climate Change, said:

“This is a large complex operation which only closes three days a year and I am delighted with the fluidity of the internal return.

“This will ensure that we maintain the best service for residents and it will also allow us to be sustainable and innovative at the same time.

“Improvements such as installing cameras that residents can view on their phones or laptops are all part of the process to encourage recycling.”

A report to be reviewed by the County Council Cabinet next week will say there are almost 1.6million visits to HWRCs a year, with 42 different types of material accepted and an average recycling rate of 71 % over five years.

Since returning the service to county council control, the number of lorries removing recycling from sites has increased from four to seven, enabling more materials to be accepted at individual HWRCs.

Simon Tagg added:

“Later this year, we will detail the investments for a significant improvement and maintenance plan for the years to come.

“We want to make HWRCs sustainable for the future, encouraging greater use now, and able to meet future demand from a growing population.”

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