Spruik government’s $ 5.2 million e-security reform campaign ahead of election


Taxpayers are on the brink of a $ 5.2 million campaign to promote government online security reforms ahead of next year’s election, as Scott Morrison seeks to make it a stake major policy.

In last year’s federal budget, $ 23.2 million was set aside to tackle online mischief. Of this, $ 5.2 million has been allocated to promote the government’s online safety laws, including the recently passed law. Online Security Act which is due to come into force in January.

During a Senate estimate hearing in October, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications, Susan Charles, said the ad campaign was scheduled to go into effect “probably in January “.

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Since then, the government has made it clear that its round of technological reforms will be one of the main thrusts of its re-election campaign. In addition to Online Security Act, the government has proposed an online privacy protection bill and a bill against social media trolling.

“Our government is mobilizing and defending those who must be fought… And that is why our government has made an important decision. We will bring forward legislation in addition to all the other legislation that we have already introduced, ”Morrison said in November.

With an election slated for the first half of next year, the Morrison government will mount a publicly funded multi-million dollar campaign that will deliver one of the main messages it wants to send in the election.

This is not the first time that government members have been accused of using publicly funded campaigns for political ends. In the same budget session, the same ministry was asked about Liberal MPs using government ads highlighting the government’s climate change achievements. on their personal profiles on social networks.

Like Crykey reported in November, “Australia is making positive energy” countryside spent $ 26,000 in its first week on Facebook ads. It is timed over $ 200,000 on ads in the month since.

During that hearing, Labor Senator Nita Green compared it to the upcoming online safety campaign, asking Department Secretary Simon Atkinson if this campaign was created for use by Liberal MPs.

“This is not the intention,” he said.

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