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Razer Kiyo X Webcam is an update of the streaming device


(Pocket-lint) – Razer has announced the Kiyo X webcam – an update to its entry-level video camera for streamers.

The new model offers Full HD 1080p video capture and streaming at 30 fps, or 720p at 60 frames per second. It is fully customizable in the Razer Synapse software and comes with an autofocus feature.

While there is no built-in LED light, it is compatible with Razer Virtual Ring Light software, which uses your PC monitor to create a light source. This software will be available later in October, while the camera itself is available now, for £ 79.99 / $ 79.99.

It should be noted that, as with other Razer Kiyo cameras, it performs best when connected to a Windows PC. Although it works on a Mac via USB, the Razer Synapse software is not compatible with macOS, so you cannot easily adjust the settings.

The Razer Ripsaw X is also introduced at the same time, an external video capture card with HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 connectivity. It can capture videos up to 4K resolution at 30 fps.

It’s plug and play, so you don’t need any specialized hardware inside your PC.

The Ripsaw X is also available now, priced at £ 139.99 / $ 139.99. Both can be found on Razer.com.

Written by Rik Henderson. Originally published on .

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Jupiter eMeet Conference Webcam: A Review of Human Tracking and Scene Zooming


The eMeet Jupiter is a useful external conference camera with four microphones, a speakerphone, and an automatic viewfinder. It has a 1080p webcam with automatic low light correction and an autofocus feature that will adjust the field of view of the scene to zoom in on humans in the room.

The Jupiter Conference Camera is compact at 85 x 55 x 60mm with a lens on one end of the camera and a USB-C port on the other end. There is a screw thread under the camera so that it can be mounted on a tripod. Plug it in, configure the settings in the client application and use it in your conferences.

The webcam has a built-in 3W speaker which provides good sound with little distortion, even at high volumes. The images are of good quality and you can configure the resolution according to your bandwidth.

eMeet Jupiter conference webcam human tracking and zdnet scene zoom

Eileen Brown

The client app – the eMeet link – works great with the Jupiter eMeet, unlike the HS100 eMeet I reviewed. Double click on the Jupiter icon at the bottom of the screen and select your options. You can change several configuration settings for the webcam and video quality.

There are ten resolution ranges from 160 x 120px to 1920 x 1080px. The cat image was taken using the 640 x 480px resolution setting. You can flip the camera horizontally and vertically, depending on where the camera is best located.

You can manually adjust the light exposure or leave it at automatic exposure. You can also set auto white balance to keep colors true and adjust the slider to manually control brightness and contrast.

Top reviews on ZDNET

You can even adjust the zoom before the meeting starts to capture the part of the room you need.

When AI focus is on, the camera automatically magnifies the screen to show whatever is in focus. There is a slight delay, but there is nothing to get excited about during the call.

eMeet Jupiter conference webcam human tracking and zdnet scene zoom

Eileen Brown

I tested the Jupiter eMeet with Zoom and Skype. While the audio worked fine on Zoom when I spoke, I couldn’t use the video even though Zoom recognized the camera.

However, on Skype everything worked perfectly. I restarted my PC several times and finally connected the camera to Zoom. Maybe this was a fix issue because I send my PC to sleep every day and don’t do a full reboot often.

For $ 140 with the coupon on Amazon, the eMeet Jupiter Conference Camera is small enough to carry in your pocket. It is simple to use and configure and adds a new dimension to your online meetings.

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Drawing of external 4kUSB webcam to mark the expansion of the NorCalProAV product offering


Our goal is to help more people easily connect with their friends or family without sacrificing video and audio quality. Visit https://georgepcole-ec877.gr8.com to enter the contest.

A new online electronics store was launched in August 2021. NorCal PROAV is expected to be a one-stop-shop for the latest AV equipment, including external USB and HDMI webcams.

Cole Associates Inc announces that its NorCal PROAV e-commerce store will officially add the NetGear AV network switch line to its product offerings. To celebrate this addition, the store is announcing that it will be offering a HuddleCamHD 4K USB webcam through a raffle that will take place on October 20, 2021.

More details can be found at https://georgepcole-ec877.gr8.com

The newly launched store is expected to be a one-stop-shop for tech enthusiasts looking for the latest gadgets and accessories. As the name suggests, the company will focus on audiovisual equipment, but will also offer various technological gadgets.

The launch of the online store comes at a time when more and more people are investing in a USB, HDMI or NDI-HX video camera. According to experts, this could be due to an increase in teleconferences and online courses.

NorCal PROAV explains that choosing the right webcam hardware can be the deciding factor between a good or bad virtual call. Even though most, if not all, laptops come with their built-in camera, it is still recommended that you invest in a separate external webcam.

The company reminds users that laptop webcams cannot be moved and may prevent them from capturing their best angle. In addition, built-in cameras generally cannot capture high definition images. The store claims that external webcams are cost-effective solutions to these problems.

However, customers may not know which external webcam to use for their specific needs. NorCal PROAV reveals that the most basic characteristic to consider is the resolution of the webcam, which determines the quality of the image.

Depending on its destination, there are different recommended resolutions. For standard conferences, a resolution of 320 × 240 is sufficient, but using a High Definition (HD) image at 1920 × 1080 is much better.

While awaiting its design for the WebCam giveaway, NorCal PROAV says it intends to be an affordable online audiovisual store for all tech enthusiasts.

Contact information:
Email: send an email
Organization: Cole Associates, Inc
Address: 3437 Locust Street, Cottonwood, CA 96022, USA
Phone: + 1-530-410-6743
Website: https://www.coleainc.com

Version number: 89047229

comtex tracking

COMTEX_394219615 / 2773 / 2021-09-29T02: 31: 34

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The only thing Australia could do to start fixing Facebook



Let’s do a role play. It’s the Sixties. You are the Surgeon General of the United States, Luther Terry, and you suspect that smoking may be unhealthy.

So you come and talk to me, Mr. Philip Morris, to find out what I have to say about this. “Smoking is good,” I coo. “Ignore alarmists, unwanted scientists and enemies. Our data shows that smokers are just as healthy as non-smokers. But don’t take my word for it: talk to this scientist whose research we supported. “

Would you believe me? Probably not. Or at least it would be foolish to do so.

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And yet, we take our word for a company with a product accused of having played a role in the genocide, in radicalization, in interference in the elections: Facebook.

Two-thirds of Australians use Facebook. Millions more use the company’s other products, Instagram and WhatsApp. We use them to socialize, to organize and to inform ourselves. Businesses, political parties and (as noted during the pandemic) even governments depend on it.

In recent weeks, the tech giant has gone through its “biggest crisis since Cambridge Analytica,” according to US tech journalist Casey Newton. The Wall Street JournalFacebook Files’ explosive investigation shows how Facebook knows privately, but failed to explain how its service harms people in different ways. (I can’t recommend it highly enough, it’s so comprehensive that it’s even hard to sum up without yaker for too long).

One of the reasons this investigation is so explosive is that the product itself is a complete black box. We don’t see how it works. The only information we have on this comes from the tech giant itself: They publish reports on a few carefully chosen metrics like the number of hate speech they are removing (31.5 million pieces of content in the last quarter! The only other way to understand what’s going on on this platform is to use janky third-party workarounds that will soon be shut down by Facebook.

It is clear from the behavior of the company that we cannot simply trust them to tell us the truth in a timely manner (and sometimes even what they tell us is unreliable).

And it is clear that there has to be an informed public conversation about how they influence the lives of Australians.

That’s why the federal government must force Facebook to provide us with data. There is specific information that we might require them to provide:

  • An Australian edition of the most viewed articles
  • A database of all Facebook ads, who they are aimed at and how much has been spent promoting them
  • How many people saw pieces of misinformation before it was deleted

Additionally, a proposal by tech policy group Reset Australia would ask Facebook to post a constantly updated list of the most popular COVID-19-related URLs on the platform to help track misinformation.

Or it could be a wider net. We could force Facebook to provide large datasets on Australians for policy making or analysis by independent researchers.

We got closer to something like this recently. The original news media trading code legislation required Facebook and Google to give news publishers insight into how their algorithms work. It was not incorporated into the final law, but it is possible. And because it’s not about the algorithm – their secret sauce – demanding data can be done without revealing all of Facebook’s trade secrets.

I choose Facebook because it’s the biggest player, but there’s no reason that doesn’t apply to other social networks as well. Such a law could force any platform with more than a certain number of users – a million perhaps – to provide this type of information. There aren’t really any other downsides other than the cost for platforms which are lightly regulated.

Our data is our story. Although collected by Facebook, it is about us. Australians should stop waiting for Mark Zuckerberg to voluntarily share information about our lives, presented in the way that works best for him. We have to take it ourselves.

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We found the PM’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. It’s a risk to national security

It went on for a few months, but I finally had enough evidence to say for sure that I found Scott Morrison’s personal and private social media accounts. And if this humble Internet reporter can find them, imagine what more infamous and intelligent actors might discover … (Crykey)

Fears adult content and sex workers will be forced to go offline under Australia’s new tech industry code

Although the Online Security Act has been adopted, its powers have not yet entered into force. There are fears that its implementation will drive sex workers offline. (The Guardian)

“A lightning rod for the discontented”: TGA staff receives death threats and offensive messages

When we talk about the impact of anti-vaccine social media campaigns, it can often seem separate from the real impact. Here’s how these things actually harm innocent people. (The new daily)

ASIC issues stern warning about social media posts of pumps and dumps

It’s getting harder and harder to tell what is and isn’t authentic behavior online due to the power of influencers to grab attention and drive activity. When it comes to trading, it can get very complicated. (SMH)

Real Rukshan: the live streamer who brought the Melbourne protest to the world stage

Here’s my deep dive into someone who has become the unlikely central figure in the recent Melbourne anti-vaccine mandate protests. (Crykey)

Content Corner

One of the biggest stories in the world last week was about Gabby Petito’s disappearance. The young woman was found murdered in a Wyoming national forest after nearly a month of searching.

What made this tragic case distinctive was the way communities on platforms like TikTok and Instagram appeared around the story, looking for clues in Petito’s online wake.

TikToks with the hashtag #GabbyPetito have been viewed over a billion times

“As Petito’s family desperately searched and hoped that a beloved member of his family was found safe and sound, the folks on TikTok were sorting out every detail of the missing influencer and his last known moves,” Michelle wrote. Rennex in Junke.

When I caught up with the blanket last week, a light bulb lit up in my head because I had seen the same thing happen in Australia before.

The case of missing boy AJ Elfalak is one that has a happy ending, thankfully. The three-year-old has been reunited with his family after being lost for three days in the bush of New South Wales.

A TikTok from user @alienpsychicpower

But some weird media moments led TikTok users to start creating videos claiming the family were suspicious.

A TikTok from @celebshitsandgigs

People began to dissect the images, even spreading unfounded theories.

What this shows is that it’s not just a phenomenon specific to Gabby Petito. With a culture initiated by real criminal media combined with the algorithmic and memetic engine of platforms like TikTok, we are now going to see ad hoc communities appear around every high profile case like this.

Sometimes they could help like they did with Petito. In other cases, such as the Reddit Crowd Investigation that incorrectly identified a recent suicide victim as the Boston Bomber, it will often be wrong.

Here is my horrible, horrible prediction that makes me feel depressed even thinking about it: the real creators of crime will get better and better at jumping on new cases. Like when a new season of Fortnite the first or when a new game comes out, the creators jump on them for influence and money, before abandoning them for the next case. It will be almost speculative: tackle a case early and you could become the authoritative voice, with all the perks that comes with it.

Hope I am wrong!

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Pierre Fray

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Monoprice Workstream 2K webcam review: a big blunder


Monoprice is a well-known American retailer for budget devices, and now its Workstream brand is taking the best webcams. While the company has been making meeting room and security focused PTZ cameras for quite some time now, consumer webcams are a new milestone for it. We’ve already reviewed the Workstream 1080p webcam, which we thought had potential but took a lot of work to achieve due to its manual focus. If you want an alternative to autofocus with ring light and higher max resolution, this is where the Workstream 2K webcam comes in.

At just $ 15 more than its 1080p counterpart, its $ 35 price tag is still far lower than standard FHD mainstays like the Logitech C920. Unfortunately, its quality and color accuracy don’t always reflect its high-resolution specs, and its ring light doesn’t add much value over competitors without.

Well-lit room

Monoprice Workstream 2K webcam

Image 1 of 4

Monoprix Workstream 2K

Ring light off (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)
Image 2 of 4

Monoprix Workstream 2K

Weak ring light (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)
Image 3 of 4

Monoprix Workstream 2K

Medium Light Ring (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)
Image 4 of 4

Monoprix Workstream 2K

High light ring (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Logitech C920

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Webcam Ausdom AW651

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Due to its low price and ability to capture at 1440p, I compared the Monoprice Workstream 2K webcam to both the Logitech C920, a 1080p webcam, and the Ausdom AW651 Webcam, another low cost 1440p solution.

What I got, unfortunately, was a blurry, overly warm image that only made me look more yellow with its ring light on. The field of view was also too close for comfort (the camera advertises a 70-degree viewing angle), although that’s not a big deal for a webcam. Oddly enough, my background also looks slanted in the photos I took with it, although the camera was securely attached to my monitor when I took them.

In comparison, the pictures I took with the Logitech C920 and Ausdom AW651 both have much more natural colors. The Ausdom AW651 also has enough fidelity to look decent at 1440p, while the Monoprice Workstream 2K webcam looks almost premium.

Low light room

Monoprice Workstream 2K webcam

Image 1 of 4

Monoprix Workstream 2K

Ring light off (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)
Image 2 of 4

Monoprix Workstream 2K

Weak ring light (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)
Image 3 of 4

Monoprix Workstream 2K

Medium Light Ring (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)
Image 4 of 4

Monoprix Workstream 2K

High light ring (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Logitech C920

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Webcam Ausdom AW651

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Unfortunately, the Monoprice Workstream 2k webcam only got worse in the dark, which is especially problematic for a camera with a ring light.

Monoprice’s camera was still out of focus and still producing unnatural color here, and turning on the ring light doesn’t do much to alleviate these issues. Instead, it mostly gave my face an unflattering spotlight effect, while leaving overall visibility alone.

Meanwhile, competing webcams have maintained competitive visibility without ring lighting, while having stronger fidelity and color.

Overexposed Room

Monoprice Workstream 2K webcam

Image 1 of 4

Monoprix Workstream 2K

Ring light off (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)
Image 2 of 4

Monoprix Workstream 2K

Weak ring light (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)
Image 3 of 4

Monoprix Workstream 2K

Medium Light Ring (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)
Image 4 of 4

Monoprix Workstream 2K

High light ring (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Logitech C920

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Webcam Ausdom AW651

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Supersaturated light is where the Monoprice webcam’s ring light has proven most useful, but it still hasn’t outperformed the competition without a ring light.

Still, with the Monoprice Workstream 2K’s ring light on medium brightness, you can make out the rough shape of my head even with the camera pointing straight at my window, which is impressive for a $ 35 device. However, high ring light settings did not significantly improve visibility and still produced an unflattering spotlight effect. Meanwhile, the camera’s unnatural color and blurry image was still a problem.

To be fair, unnatural colors were also a problem with this camera’s competitors, but visibility and fidelity remained higher.

Monoprice Workstream 2K webcam videos

You’ll probably use this camera more for video calls than selfies, so I’ve taken the liberty of including a sample video of myself using the camera below. Unfortunately, the videos I recorded with this camera experienced significant lag and stuttering, although I did not experience this issue during live calls with my coworkers.

Otherwise, my experience with video was about the same as my experience with photos, at least visually. I had a problem with my audio because the camera’s built-in microphones picked up a slight hum when I set the ring light to its low setting. This buzz disappeared on higher settings. But even without the buzz, the camera’s built-in microphones generally produced an echo sound.

Monoprice Workstream 2K webcam build quality

The Monoprice Workstream 2K webcam does its best to look chicer than it really is, delivered in a silver drawstring bag and featuring a patterned texture on the side of its light ring. Unfortunately, the camera itself is rigid, and its included plastic shutter is a separate piece held together by inexpensive adhesive.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

On a positive note, this webcam’s monitor stand comes with feet and is stable on both my curved-back and flat-back monitors, which is not guaranteed at this price. The monitor stand also has a tripod screw at the bottom if you prefer to set it up that way.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Where I encountered most of my problems was in the positioning of the camera itself. You can technically rotate it 360 degrees and tilt it 35 degrees up and down, but it’s so stiff that I usually needed two hands to adjust it. This makes it impossible to adjust without removing it from your monitor, reducing the usability of this feature.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

The cord on this camera should be just long enough to reach most ports on most setups. When I stretched it out completely, it was 56.25 inches. By comparison, I measured the cable length of the Logitech C920 to be 72 inches when I fully stretched it.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Final result

Monoprix Workstream 2K

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

At $ 35, this webcam is very inexpensive and has the advantage of offering autofocus while its other cousin Workstream does not. Unfortunately, its 1440p image often looks worse than what you’ll find on FHD alternatives, including this Workstream cousin.

While you will certainly get a better picture of big brands like Logitech, even other small companies like Ausdom have outperformed it. 1440p from this company Ausdom AW651 embodies 2K much better than this webcam, and while it can be much more expensive than this device, Ausdom’s price is similar AW635 still gives the Workstream 2K webcam good value for money despite being FHD. The same can be said of Aukey1080p webcam, and AngetubeThe FHD competitor in this price range even has a ring lamp.

With such a blurry 1440p, there just isn’t much of a reason to have this camera over other low-cost alternatives.

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The new HP ENVY 34 AIO packs a 5K display, 16MP webcam, and RTX 3080 graphics – and looks amazing


Source: HP

What would you like to know

  • The HP ENVY 34-inch 34-inch All-in-One Desktop PC features a 5K display, user-upgradeable storage and memory.
  • It can be configured up to Intel Core i9-11900 processor, 2TB SSD, 128GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 laptop GPU.
  • The ENVY 32 also features a huge 16MP IR privacy camera that magnetically attaches in various positions.
  • The starting price for the Core i7 model and GTX 1650 graphics is $ 1,999.

HP knows a thing or two about all-in-one (AIO) desktop computers. In early 2020, I reviewed the HP ENVY 32 and called it the best AIO PC on the market.

However, that crown can be challenged by HP’s latest AIO – the new ENVY 34. It takes things in a new direction with a larger 21: 9 34 inch 5K display instead of the 16: 9 4K found in the ENVY. 32.

Category HP Envy 34 all-in-one
Operating system Windows 11 Home
Processor 11th gen Inte Core i7-11700 to Core i9-11900
RAM Up to 128 GB DDR4-2400 (user accessible)
Graphic Laptop up to NVIDIA RTX 3080
Storage room Up to 2TB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD (user accessible)
Display 34 inch
5120×2160 (5K)
IPS, anti-reflective
500 nits, 98% DCI-P3
Ports Six USB-A
Two Thunderbolt 4
SD card reader
3.5mm audio
audio 2x Bang & Olufsen tuning
Connectivity Wi-Fi 6
Camera 16MP front panel
infrared camera
Keyboard Included
Mouse Included
Security infrared camera
Dimensions 32.17 x 8.78 x 14.50 inches
(81.7cm x 22.3cm x 36.8cm)
Weight 24.36 lbs (11.05 kg)
Color Turbo silver
Supplements Qi wireless charging

The $ 2,000 model comes with a 65-watt Core i7-11700, 32GB of DDR4 RAM, 512GB of PCIe storage, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU, all of which should easily handle the massive 34-inch non-touch display. inches 5120×2160.

HP Envy 34 PressSource: HP

Of course, HP lets you preconfigure it with much higher specs, including up to a 5.1GHz Intel Core i9-11900 processor, 2TB SSD, 128GB RAM, and a powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU. 3080 (laptop), which is pretty crazy for an all-in-one. these days.

VPN offers: lifetime license for $ 16, monthly plans for $ 1 and more

Hp Envy 34 Press Qi ChargeQi charge integrated into the base.Source: HP

But unlike many AIOs, this one can be user upgraded with HP’s tool-less backdoor allowing users to manually add more RAM (up to 128GB, 4 DIMMs) and more. storage (2 PCIe slots) as they wish.

This 5K display offers 500 nits of brightness, is anti-glare, and achieves 98% DCI-P3, making it ideal for hours of graphics work and video editing without straining your eyes.

And while that 5K display lacks touch (and inking), the new HP 11-inch tablet will very well with this desktop PC offering touch, inking and even HP Duet allowing you to use the tablet as a secondary wireless display.

And due to the new push of working from home, web cameras have become extremely important for everyday use. HP also has an answer with its new “HP True Vision 16MP IR Privacy Camera with Integrated Dual Row Digital Microphones and Magnetic Stick, 2μm Camera Sensor”.

HP Envy 34 CamerasHP’s new 16MP mag camera can be mounted in 8 locations on the ENVY 34.Source: HP

Although it is a mouthful, this camera has no wires and has eight Connection points on the ENVY 34, allowing you to put it at the top (3 locations), on each side and at the bottom (3 locations). The camera tilts fully, allowing you to photograph your desktop and scan it into the ENVY 34 for quick collaboration reminiscent of the HP Sprout from four years ago.

In comparison, the HP ENVY 32 only had a 5MP IR camera.

There is no shortage of ports, either with two Thunderbolt 4 Type-C, four Type-A, an HDMI output (to power two external 4K monitors), a headphone jack and Ethernet on the back. HP adds even more on the neck for support (so you don’t need to reach behind the PC) with two Type-A, one Type-C, and a full SD card slot. A clip on this bracket, which has an adjustment range of 100mm, also allows you to untangle your cables.

HP Envy 34 PressLots of ports on the ENVY 34, including the bracket itself.Source: HP

At the base of this mount is a 15 watt Qi charger for your phone. HP is also adding its 915 black wireless keyboard and mouse combo to complete the package.

The HP ENVY 34 will hit the market from October on HP.com and various resellers thereafter. It comes with Windows 11 Home.

Check out our hands-on preview with this PC juggernaut later this week! For now, if you have any questions, post them in the comments, and we’ll answer them in this article.

In addition to this PC, HP announced the HP 14-inch ARM-based laptop, 11-inch tablet PC, and Specter x360 16 laptop.

Hp Envy 34 Reco

HP ENVY 34 All-in-One Desktop PC

HP’s latest all-in-one desktop PC is designed for creators, video editors, and anyone who needs power and a 34-inch 5K display. The 16MP IR webcam, dual Thunderbolt 4, and up to Core i9, 128GB RAM and RTX 3080 make it a sleek yet powerful Windows 11 PC.

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Monoprice Workstream 1080p webcam review: needs some pampering


Economic webcams continue to come out even with the best webcams back in stock. And while it’s common to find them from companies you’ve never heard of, Monoprice has now expanded its Workstream brand to include a few competitors. They are priced to match other budget cameras, but they have the same name that has been making reliable generic PTZ cameras for years now.

The Monoprice Workstream 1080p webcam in particular aims to take this mentality and apply it to the home office rather than the boardroom. The result? This webcam isn’t as easy to handle as more expensive competitors, but it can really shine if you know what you’re doing.

Well-lit room

Monoprice Workstream 1080p webcam

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Logitech C920

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

I tested the Monoprice Workstream 1080p webcam against the Logitech C920, which is the classic torchbearer for 1080p webcams. Of course, with the Monoprice webcam costing $ 20, the two devices don’t allow for an exact comparison. The big difference between the two cameras is the way they focus. While the Logitech C920 uses autofocus, the Workstream requires you to focus manually.

My most manual focus experience is a photography class I took in high school. So while your experience may differ, I had a hard time finding the happy medium with this camera. With my curtain up and the ambient light sources on in my office, the image on the Workstream webcam was always slightly blurry in some places and too sharp in others, regardless of its lens setting. On the plus side, the colors were warmer in a generally more accurate way than on the Logitech C920, and the parts of the photos that weren’t out of focus showed a lot of detail. Unfortunately, this detail was often not flattering and seemed to be more the result of too sharp focusing than anything else.

The Workstream webcam also captures a slightly wider field of view than the C920, although this comes with a fishbowl effect. Oddly enough, the Workstream 1080p website says it has a 70-degree field of view, but the photos I took with it seemed to exceed that.

Low light room

Monoprice Workstream 1080p webcam

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Logitech C920

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

When I lowered my curtain and turned off all ambient light sources in my home office except my monitor, the Monoprice webcam suddenly started producing much more impressive images. I barely adjusted my focus after changing my lighting, but the blurry, over-sharp parts of the footage started to balance out to achieve what was mostly a happy medium on full shots. During this time, the warm colors and details remained. All of this resulted in shots that, while still suffering from slight artifacts, generally appeared to have higher fidelity than those taken with the Logitech C920. The more expensive camera looked blurry and cool in comparison. I’m guessing room dimming produced an overall blurry effect on both cameras, making photos that looked too sharp in brighter light look normal here.

Overexposed Room

Monoprice Workstream 1080p webcam

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Logitech C920

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Performance in brightly lit conditions was a bit difficult between the two devices. While I was able to get a brighter image with the Monoprice Workstream 1080p webcam, the image I got from the Logitech C920 was less blurry on my face while being less sharp around the edges. Either way, it’s impressive to see a $ 20 webcam in these conditions that doesn’t just bathe my face in shadow. It takes work to find the right focus, but if you know what you’re doing you can really push the camera beyond your budget in these conditions. Just look out the window – I wouldn’t expect $ 20 to be anything other than a blinding white sheet.

Monoprice Workstream 1080p webcam videos

While I’ve structured most of this review around photos, because those are easier to share with text, you’ll likely buy this webcam for video calling. Its 1080p @ 30fps quality held up while streaming for me, although I did experience lag in recorded videos on several occasions.

Video is what I can share, so we’ll have to settle for that. I shot a sample video of myself using this webcam in what I would consider my standard office lighting conditions, using the same focus settings I took my examples from. photos earlier in this review. While my photo generally reflected the stills I had taken under these conditions, the artifact in my video really amplified when I moved my head. I’m not sure why these issues didn’t show up in the live calls.

Monoprice Workstream 1080p webcam build quality

The Monoprice Workstream 1080p webcam is a basic device that keeps most of its functionality physically connected to the camera instead of distributing it through accessories, although it comes with an optional adhesive shutter, which does not work. well with its manual focus lens.

Indeed, to adjust the focus of the Workstream 1080p, you must rotate the ring that surrounds its lens. Putting the shutter around the lens prevents you from doing this, and while it’s debatable that many people will only need to adjust their focus once (or at least occasionally) , this oversight indicates a general lack of thought with the design of this device.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

This lack of thought is also present in this unit’s monitor stand, which lacks feet and was wobbly for me on both a curved-back monitor and a flat-back monitor. I had to constantly be careful not to accidentally knock it over when adjusting the focus or camera position, but there is a tripod screw on the mount if you prefer to avoid trying to fully connect it to the mount. your monitor.

Speaking of camera position, the Workstream 1080p has a generous tilt up and down, but that’s it. You can point the camera around 45 degrees up and 180 degrees down, but don’t expect to rotate it.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Finally, the Workstream 1080p USB Type-A cable is short but usable. I measured it at around 56 inches when I pulled it all the way out, which is a lot shorter than the 72-inch cord on the Logitech C920, but should still be able to reach most ports on most setups.

I must also mention the aesthetics of this camera, although there is not much to say. Parts of this webcam are wrapped in hard plastic, which makes it appear sturdy despite what otherwise appears to be cheap build. There is also an LED that lights up when it starts consuming power and another that lights up when it is recording.

Final result

The Monoprice Workstream 1080p webcam is your typical budget competitor, with compromises in construction, no software to speak of, and tricky special considerations like manual focus. If you know what you’re doing and have the right lighting, you can get quality that rivals more expensive competition, but you’ll also have to jump over more hurdles to get there.

This extra work will give you a big discount, however, as this camera only costs $ 20 at Monoprice and $ 25 at Amazon. That’s probably why it sold out between when we ordered a device for review and when it actually arrived. Still, if you like to play around with your accessories and have a few more Hamilton’s to spare, it’s worth keeping an eye out for restocking in the future.

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Loch Ness monster “spotted on webcam in China” in latest sighting


The very first long-range sighting of the Loch Ness Monster has been reported in China.

Weiming Jiang spotted Nessie 5,300 miles away in Jiaozhou City after spotting the beast via a webcam.

Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Recorder Gary Campbell said: “She saw one black spot, then two, very close to shore.

“They moved on the water for six minutes.

“This is the first accepted sighting we have had from China, but it just shows that you can see Nessie from anywhere in the world.”

Gary has recorded 14 sightings this year, nine of them via a webcam overlooking Scottish Loch, the Sun reports.

There have been over 1,000 sightings of ‘Nessie’

One was from Matt Reddick in Dallas, Texas. Another was Eoin O’Faodhagain in County Donegal, Ireland.

Eight-year-old Benjamin Scanlon, from Ickenham, London, last month captured the sonar image while vacationing with his family aboard the “Nessie Hunter” on August 26 when he spotted the silhouette at the bottom of the water.

His sonar pinged something about four meters long, 20 meters below them.

The image showed the blue background of the loch with the thermal image of a long snake-like shape, the Scotsman reports.

Last year there were 13 sightings, including another sonar image that captured a large creature lying near the bottom of Loch, taken by Cruise Loch Ness led by Ronald Mackenzie.

Nessie Pictures
One of Nessie’s most famous images turned out to be a hoax

Since the start of the records, 1,143 have been recorded.

However, Nessie’s most famous photograph, taken in 1934, was later found to be fake during a deathbed confession.

The image is actually a Woolworth toy submarine with an attached carved wooden head and was produced by Chris Spurling.

Spurling later confessed that the plot was hatched by his stepfather, hunter Marmaduke Wetherell, who had been hired by the Daily Mail to find the monster and after faking his own sighting, was publicly humiliated by his employer and hatched a plan to get his revenge.

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11 Omegle Video Chat Alternatives For Online Webcam Dating


Finding romance online on the Omegle webcam is no easy task. It takes a lot of time, effort, and self-reflection to get it right, but there are plenty of resources that can help you get there. Sometimes just knowing that you are not alone in your quest for love can be enough to convince you that the search is worth it. So whether you’re looking for tips on how to make your profile more appealing, what to do when you meet someone you love, or how to keep the romance alive once you’ve found your partner, there are tons of resources available to you. in line.

Omegle is not the “alpha and omega” of video chat sites, nor the only popular one. Although Omegle is the best known, there is a plethora of other great alternatives. People are starting to realize this and gradually shift their preferences to better options. Due to the large number of websites similar to Omegle, it can be difficult to find a good replacement for Omegle. However, we’re here to help you make the best decision possible in today’s guide.

These 11 video chat sites are a great alternative to Omegle.

1. Omegle-chat

Omegle-Chat is a popular dating site similar to the popular Omegle website. It is widely considered to be the most suitable option. Random chat partner systems let you meet new people on webcam chat in seconds.

It’s easy to find people all over the world with just the click of a button. Omegle-Chat is accessible to users on desktop and mobile platforms. It was originally created as a competitor to Omegle, which had a very similar tagline to this one.

It has now been transformed into a video chat platform. It does not display any intrusive ads and provides free online omegle chat rooms.

2. Omegle.us.com

Omegle.us.com, a random video chat site similar to Omegle, is one of the most popular on the internet right now. The site receives heavy traffic, with the majority of visitors coming from the United States, France, Germany, Turkey, United Kingdom and India. It is simple to use and takes little time. You are not required to register on the site. It’s simple and easy to understand. Some even claim it’s too simple.

3. Chatroulette

Chatroulette was and continues to be a direct competitor of Omegle in terms of popularity. There was a lot of discussion about which site was superior and which sites were borrowing ideas from the other. In fact, Chatroulette and Omegle were both created around the same time.

Chatroulette quickly grew in importance as a place to meet and chat with new people online. It suffered from the same issues as Omegle in terms of explicit content. The platform has set up a filtered chat to filter out inappropriate content.

4. Chatliv

Another option to consider as an Omegle alternative is Chatliv, which is a similar alternative to Omegle. This platform does not use bots which is a positive development. Bots are common on random video chat sites, and they can sometimes be a source of irritation.

Chatliv Chat’s anti-bot system is one of the best in the business, and it helps keep the platform free from spam bots. It is simple to use and anyone can benefit from it. Chatliv is updated regularly to improve the user experience and fix any issues that may arise. It uses a random pairing system, effective at the start. It gains an understanding of users and their interests over time.

Users are not required to provide any personal information to use the video messaging services provided by Chatliv. Simply put, users can make sure that no one knows any information about them by using this feature. Chatliv provides a handy “Next” feature that lets you skip inappropriate or annoying users.

This is a free instant messaging service that you can use to communicate with others. You are free to do whatever you want as long as the other members are comfortable with it.

5. Random cat

That’s an ambitious goal for Chatrandom, a social media platform that aspires to be as popular as YouTube and Facebook. Chatrandom, like Omegle, is a random webcam website that connects people around the world through video chat. Chatrandom is a service whose functionality is similar to Chatroulette.

A difficult period in which the rules of Chatroulette were constantly evolving was experienced by the site. It was a good idea to delegate authority to someone else. Using Chatrandom, users can select the topic of conversation they wish to have, this allows them to find other people of the same gender and select the language in which they wish to communicate.

6. Little cat

There has been an ongoing debate between Omegle (or Chatroulette) in the world of online video chat. These were the most popular platforms and they competed with each other by introducing new features that users would find useful and interesting.

TinyChat claims that its users spend around 5 million minutes per day online. TinyChat has a large number of chat rooms where users can chat with each other and even make voice or video calls with each other. You can also participate in group chats with others who share your interests.

TinyChat was founded in 2000 and has grown steadily since then. You can host videos and allow anyone who wants to join the conversation to do so. In addition, the service is completely free.

7. Omegle.club

Omegle.club, a relatively new dating app, is marketed as an alternative to the popular Omegle chat app. Many people are aware of Omegle’s shortcomings because it is so well known and widely used. As a result, everyone is looking for something similar to Omegle but without all the negatives.

Omegle.club has become a very informative application in a short time. It is available as a free download on Android and iOS devices.

You can narrow down your matches based on your interests, preferred gender, age, and other factors. Every abusive user is flagged and banned automatically, so you don’t have to worry about it.

8. Talk

Paltalk is a chat service similar to Facebook Messenger. There is a twist to this, however. You can also use it to host free voice and video group chats for your customers. It is compatible with desktop computers as well as mobile devices running iOS and Android. The platform has around 4 million members, of which around 150,000 are from the United States.

A vibrant and diverse community can be found in this area. Everyone is welcome to use this platform. It’s easy to meet new people, strike up conversations with complete strangers, make new friends, and even find someone who shares your interests.

It is necessary to register. By providing only the bare minimum of information, you can complete the registration process in minutes.

9. Omegle.amour

Omegle.love offers many advantages in addition to its flexible and interesting features. Moreover, it has an attractive and modern design which makes it simple to use.

There is no obligation to provide personal information in order to maintain the highest level of anonymity and security.

You can specify the country with which you want foreigners to converse. Giving and receiving virtual gifts is always a pleasant experience. The service claims to be able to provide high quality video communication that is both fast and convenient. This is a compelling argument in favor of using this service over others.

10. 2yu.co

2yo.co is a website for men and women who want to meet attractive women from all over the world or from their local community. From the comfort of your own home, you can engage in real-time conversation with real girls in a safe and secure environment. Face to face conversations with complete strangers can be held using the latest live video streaming technology.

11. Cat

Chatspin is a multilingual chat platform that has recently gained in popularity. It allows users to communicate in a total of 12 different languages. Instead of relying on a single global platform that speaks English all the time, it divides the world into regions based on the languages ​​that are most commonly spoken there.

Mobile users are the primary target audience. Despite the fact that there are no publicly available statistics on the users of the app, it is estimated that the app has over 500 million active users. Chatspin has a perfect gender balance, with equal participation of men and women.

You can communicate with others by text or video chat. Just make sure your camera and microphone are on before you start shooting or recording. If you feel embarrassed, you can always use a filter to hide your face.


If you are looking for a more casual online date, there are plenty of alternatives to Omegle. The 11 video chat sites mentioned above give both men and women the chance to chat with someone they’ve had a relationship with or who just wants to meet new people. They all have their own pros and cons, so it’s important that you read our reviews before choosing one site over another. We hope this article has helped answer some questions about these webcam dating sites!

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Samsung’s latest monitor features a pop-up webcam with Windows Hello support


The Samsung S4 webcam monitor comes with all the home work accessories you could ever need. It has 2W stereo speakers for listening to your coworkers, an HD webcam so they can see you, a microphone so they can hear you and a USB hub to reduce the number of ports needed on a laptop or desktop. The monitor is available now, according to Samsung, and costs $ 319.99 in the United States.

The 24-inch 1080p monitor’s built-in webcam is seamlessly integrated, with a pop-up design that keeps things tidy when you’re not participating in video calls. As an added bonus, the design doubles as a privacy shutter for the webcam to prevent accidental (or malicious) appearances on the camera. It is not automated like many phones. Instead, the webcam is revealed by “pushing it down into the monitor to pop it out,” says Samsung. The webcam is Windows Hello certified, which means it can scan faces to allow quick connections to apps, websites, and Windows itself.

The webcam hides when not in use.
Image: Samsung

To complete the specifications, a height adjustable stand can be tilted, swiveled and swiveled. The monitor is also VESA compatible to let it work with monitor arms or other mounts. The ports include HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2 and its refresh rate reaches 75Hz. Besides the United States, the Webcam Monitor S4 is also released in Europe, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

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