OBSBOT Tiny 4K webcam review: “Awesome auto-tracking in 4K”


With the rise in the number of people working from home, taking up live streaming as a hobby, and generally staying indoors more often, webcams have become an incredibly popular tool for many. Over the past couple of years we’ve seen webcams focus on high quality 4K output, higher frame rates to pair with high speed gaming, and other features/tricks. Now OBSBOT is here with its latest webcam offering and it has some unique “AI powered” features that deserve your attention. This is the OBSBOT Tiny 4K webcam review.

out of the box

The OBSBOT Tiny 4K webcam is well packaged, which is good for a high-end webcam because first impressions count a lot. The box includes a manual, a nifty carrying case, a USB cable, an extra power cable for low-power USB support, a magnetic mount, and the camera itself. Good to have everything included in the box, especially the better than expected case.

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Setting up the camera is as simple as plugging it into a USB port and installing software to customize settings. In addition to modifying the appearance of the camera image with sliders for brightness, saturation, contrast, etc. expected, there’s also the HDR toggle. This is supposed to increase dynamic range to bring out more detail in darker and brighter areas, but I actually preferred the non-HDR image in low light conditions. However, your mileage may vary.

HDR mode is joined by autofocus, 4x digital zoom (instead of 2x) and increased resolution as improvements over the previous OBSBOT Tiny model.

stalking you

OBSBOT 4K Tiny Webcam Review

Of course, it’s the AI ​​tracking that’s the main star of the show here. This sees the camera turn to face you. In my small office, I could walk around the whole place with the OBSBOT still following me and concentrating. It’s incredibly impressive and unlikely anything I’ve seen on other webcams.

I can see the AI ​​Tracking feature being useful for those who teach online classes, have meetings where they get up and show off different items, or game streamers who want to get up and dance to celebrate wins. For anyone who isn’t just sitting in a chair for the entire conference or stream, there’s a lot of potential here.

Gesture commands

OBSBOT 4K Tiny Webcam Review

In addition to AI tracking, users can use gestures to set tracking targets and zoom in/out. While there was a bit of a learning curve to get the gestures to work flawlessly every time, I was ultimately impressed with how well the camera could see the gestures from a decent distance.

As for streaming games, which I mostly use my webcam for, I mostly sit at a desk and rarely move. However, for those times when I want to get up and stretch, or unpack something while streaming, it’s nice that the webcam continues to focus on me without worrying about staying in the shot. It’s a bit like having your own cameraman and I think a lot of creative types will benefit from this feature.

OBSBOT Tiny 4K Webcam Review: The Final Verdict

OBSBOT 4K Tiny Webcam Review

At $270, the OBSBOT Tiny 4K Webcam obviously has a hefty price tag that puts it significantly above popular high-end choices like the AVerMedia Live Streamer Cam 513 and Elgato Facecam. Also, the image quality is not enough as good as these options.

Although buyers should make a slight compromise on overall visual quality, the impressive auto-tracking at 4K will be worth it for some. It’s a niche option, of course, but its main trick is implemented exceptionally well and I’m sure many users will love it.

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