OBSBOT Meet, a 4K webcam that protects your privacy

The arrival of the coronavirus pandemic forced working from home, and with it privacy concerns during work video calls, as participants also shared a bit of their home with other colleagues.

To remedy this situation, leading tech companies have incorporated mechanisms to blur the background, or even replace it with a static image, through the use of artificial intelligence technologies throughout video call sessions. , thus protecting the privacy of the home. .

Now, OBSBOT camera makers have opted for a new solution: their new 4K webcam called OBSBOT Meet, a capable device not only to blur the background but also to be able to replace the natural background with an image of your choice, as configured, simply by pressing the button available at the top.

To do this, OBSBOT Meet It has a built-in Artificial Intelligence chip that houses a deep learning neural network algorithm, responsible for processing background blurring or replacement, thus avoiding the need to use additional applications to install on the desktops themselves, which could slow down their performance.

OBSBOT See you too It has a small cap for the lens, and it even allows it to be disconnected by long pressing the top button, or by means of a physical switch available on its own cable.

From Osbot, they also come out the chest with the image quality that is able to capture thanks to the Sony 1 / 2.8 sensor, capable of capturing videos in 4K at 30 fps or 1080p at 60 fps.

The voice capture range also surpasses other webcams, reaching up to three meters, with the ability to get sound with full clarity. And as if that wasn’t enough, its simple design also gives it a personality of its own.

Compatible with macOS and Windows, this device collects funding on the Indiegogo collective funding platform, reaching more than 1000% of the funding target set, with 43 days remaining in the campaign, and can still be purchased from the equivalent of 111 euros, plus shipping costs, with shipments to any part of the world throughout the coming month of January 2022.

By the way, Obsbot is also fundraising for Osbot Tiny 4K, an upgraded version of Obsbot Tiny that we saw before at the time, and which follows the participant through its rotating camera.

More info: Indiegogo

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