NSW egg farm hides webcam details on supermarket carton

A low-key detail on an egg carton has gone viral on TikTok after it caught the eye of a Victorian content creator.

A secret detail on the packaging of a popular brand of eggs has offered a curious insight into the real life conditions of “free-range” chickens.

The hidden detail was spotted on the side of a carton of Manning Valley free-range eggs by Victorian content creator Celia Gercovich, who shared her discovery with TikTok on Wednesday.

A discreetly written message on the carton tells consumers that some of the hens behind the farm’s eggs can be seen online via a live webcam.

“It’s amazing,” Ms Gercovich wrote of her discovery after locating the footage on her own.

Hundreds of chickens can be seen mingling in a field at Manning Valley Farm on the NSW north coast via a link on the brand’s website.

Footage from Thursday showed some of the hens taking shelter under a shed, while others roamed the grass and occasionally pecked the ground.

The wholesome content, captured on one of the brand’s pasture-based 2,500 hens per hectare farms, caught viral attention after it was shared online by Ms Gercovich.

More than 350,000 people viewed his clip in less than a day, and more than 800 people left a comment.

“I’m rightfully sitting here for the last 25 minutes of my lunch break at work watching these chickens,” one woman said in a comment.

“If you can’t see what’s going on inside a farm they have something to hide, 100% support that,” said another.

“What! And Aussie! Off to find this brand, worth it! Such a cool and appreciated marketing pitch,” wrote a third.

“This is such a great idea that I hope more farms and businesses decide to be this transparent,” someone else said.

Some, however, were more skeptical and argued that there might be other chickens under harsher conditions than what was shown on the webcam.

“Yeah, except behind the camera are giant sheds with the other 400,000 fodder chickens, I guarantee that,” one said.

“Animal exploitation is still animal exploitation if there is a webcam showing it,” another wrote.

“Almost all eggs are produced unethically. I wonder how many are still inside the building,” someone else said.

Chickens can be seen at the brand site from 10am until dusk daily when weather permits.

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