Nothing (1) phone review: Futuristic design, stunning cameras and efficiency make it something solid

A fortnight with the Nothing phone (1) and as far as we know this device is definitely up to something. Extensive games, endless calls, streaming online content – the gadget has endured it all for the past couple of weeks. The verdict in a nutshell is – Epic! The device that has been featured in the last couple of months seems to be worth the time and investment.

Aside from a few minor drawbacks, Nothing clearly offers something worthwhile. But is it the next big flagship killer? The answer lies in the details since it’s all about context. The specifications are perfect and the design is avant-garde in the field of Android smartphones.

Nothing phone (1), stands out quite evocatively from the league of mid-range Android smartphones. The unique transparent design, coupled with the Glyph interface, has certainly set the bar high for design innovations on smartphones.

The first smartphone from the London-based startup comes with a metal chassis and an iPhone-like glass back, delivering a premium feel. One of the strengths of the smartphone is its superior build quality. For a mid-range smartphone, the phone (1) is elegant and pleasant to hold.

First impressions

It looks futuristic and evokes the feel of the early 2010s Sony Xperia U when it came with a light bar at the bottom. While many were quick to point out the Nothing(1) phone’s striking resemblance to the iPhone 12, the seamless fusion of design and unprecedented user interface gives the device a distinct look.

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The pulsating LEDs, while not that utilitarian, certainly live up to the hype and make the device stand out. Its aluminum frame is encased in Gorilla Glass 5 Layers, making it a handset. The rounded metallic finishes add to the elegant structure of the smartphone.

The first impression of the device after unboxing it and some games with the Glyph can be described as a super cool, very futuristic and practical device. Any apprehensions surrounding the viability of the design fall into oblivion as soon as one starts using the device.


The best display under Rs 40K?

The Nothing(1) phone comes with a 6.55-inch OLED display that supports 1 billion colors. The device delivers what it claims on the screen front as the OLED panel delivers rich and lifelike images. 120Hz adaptive refresh provides effortless scrolling without the smoothness found on most flagships. Adaptive refresh rate adds to battery life.

Stream your favorite show or play a high-octane action game with deep contrast and vivid color, the phone (1) delivers crisp, crystal-clear visuals. Given the growing adoption of OTT platforms and access to games, it fulfills all the prerequisites for a multimedia smartphone of 2022. Moreover, the phone (1) could be one of the first chinless Android devices. , which has become a mainstay in most mid-range devices.

Glyph UI

Perhaps the most striking part of the phone (1) is its Glyph interface which comes with 900 LED lights on the back. It’s reminiscent of disco lights. There are 10 ringtone patterns which can be assigned to any contact of your choice. Users can also assign specific light patterns in a messaging app – a time-consuming and laborious process if you plan to customize WhatsApp notifications. The Glyph is for the eyes. Its use may be futile or overlooked by heavy users.

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Nothing from the operating system

Although Nothing OS stands for Nothing Operating System, it is hardly an operating system in itself. The device comes with Android 12 with the Nothing launcher on top. It comes with Play Store and the usual Google Suite apps. The biggest advantage here is that it does not contain any bloatware, so users will no longer have to struggle with unwanted ads. Although the OS is similar to Android, the widgets, dot-matrix style, and graphics make Nothing OS distinct. The UK-based company promised three years of software updates on its first smartphone.

Battery life

The Nothing(1) phone is powered by a 4,500mAh battery with 33W fast charging support. The brand claims that the handset will charge up to 50% in 30 minutes, and it does. . There’s 15W wireless charging and 5W reverse wireless charging for headphones and other devices. Almost no competitor in the segment currently offers it. A full charge provides almost six hours of screen time. For a light user, the smartphone will last 1.5 days; for an average to heavy user, the device can provide all-day battery life.

Performances and Games

The device comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+ with 8GB and 12GB DDR5 RAM. Nothing about the phone (1) offers easy day-to-day use, especially browsing through apps without any stuttering. Apps launch without lag and gameplay is seamless with faster response times. Also, the haptic feedback is decent on the device.

video gameAND online

The handset can be a great option for gamers looking for efficiency paired with superior visuals. From Candy Crush to Call Of Duty, the Nothing(1) phone delivers dynamic performance and stays stable. Even after boosting the graphics setting to 60fps, the device proved to be a reliable smartphone for hardcore gaming. The phone also comes with a dedicated “Game Mode” which offers features like “Do Not Disturb”.

Phone photography on nothing (1)

The dual camera module of the device has a 50 MP Sony IMX766 sensor. It has built-in Optical Image Stabilization (IOS) which provides a smooth video recording experience and can be handy for low-light shooting. The camera interface is simple and streamlined, making it easy to access on the go. It allows users to effortlessly switch between standard 12MP mode and Ultra 50MP mode. Images in both modes contain crisp detail and when it comes to HDR, the device outperforms most of its peers in the segment.

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The second 50MP ultra-wide camera captures decent detail; occasionally, distortion can be seen at the edges of the frame. Regardless of the minor drawbacks, daylight images are particularly detailed without any noise.

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Portrait mode delivers sharper images, while on-camera 4K recording is smooth. Interestingly, unlike other smartphones in the category, the Nothing phone (1) takes much less time to process sharper photos.

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The device struggles with grain and noise in ambient conditions. The Glyph lights on the back double as flashlights for photography in low light conditions. The Sony IMX471 16MP is an efficient front camera. While selfies look like they have auto-adjusted skin tones, videos are polished and adequate for calls and short videos. Overall, the cameras deliver plenty of detail, sunny images, and faster processing times.

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A word of warning

The Nothing (1) phone is a rugged device. Given the well-thought-out design and build, the device easily evokes a high-end feel. The disadvantages of the smartphone include minimal customization of the Glyph interface. The device does not have a charger in the box. Although the company may have justified it by offering wireless charging support, average users in India would still be hesitant to spend more on wireless chargers considering they are shelling out over Rs 30,000 for the phone. The lack of a 3.5mm jack will likely make more users opt for Bluetooth headsets.

The Nothing phone (1) is available in two colors: Black and White. The 8GB RAM + 128GB storage model is priced at Rs 32,999, the 8GB + 256GB option is priced at Rs 34,999. The high end 12GB RAM + 256GB device is offered at Rs 35,999. The brand has collaborated with Flipkart in India and offers a multitude of discounts and offers on the Nothing phone (1).

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