Model and two pals charged in death of webcam girl who fell 25m from hotel during Phuket hotel ‘sex party’

A MODEL and two of her pals have been charged in the death of a webcam girl who fell 25 meters from a hotel during a ‘sex party’.

Evgeniia Smirnova, 37, died from the eighth floor of a hotel in Phuket, Thailand on May 31.


Evgenia Smirnova, 37, died after falling from a balcony in Phuket1 credit: East2West
Natalia Kosenkova, 35, was charged with recklessness causing death


Natalia Kosenkova, 35, was charged with recklessness causing death1 credit: East2West

American Jamaal Smith, 38, Jordanian Ahmad Alatoom, 28, and Russian Natalia Kosenkova, 35, have all been charged with recklessness causing death.

All three face 10 years in prison each if convicted.

Cops said the three friends claim Evgeniia was very drunk when she climbed an outside staircase between the seventh and eighth floors, reports Bangkok Post.

Police Chief Amphon Buarapphonand an autopsy revealed very high blood alcohol content.

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He added, however, that cops are continuing to investigate his death and are looking for any signs of physical assault or an argument.

Evgenia was found wearing only her underwear with fatal head injuries and a broken leg after falling from the compound.

She was found holding human hair in her hand which Thai police were testing for DNA.

The Russian woman is known to have had social media accounts under another name and live streams on adult sites until shortly before her death.

In one, she introduced herself as “a web model” and welcomed viewers to her closed online room.

Smirnova was originally from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, and moved to Moscow where she left for Phuket on May 25.

Reports citing police said there was evidence of a ‘sex, drug and alcohol party’ at the Emerald Terrace condominium complex from which Smirnova dived to his dead.

Kosenkova, a model and DJ who previously worked as a dental assistant and traveled to Dubai and Ukraine, previously said Sirnova’s death was an “unfortunate incident”.

She said: “”The only thing I can say is that it was an unfortunate incident, but it was not a murder, and none of the people involved are to blame. “

And she denied Thai media reports that the party involved sex and drugs, amid claims that condom wrappers and finely ground cannabis were found by police.

“I only met Evgenia Smirnova that evening. I didn’t know the girl, she just came to the party we were at.

And she called her friend [Alatoom]who also came and behaved inappropriately.

“I can say that me and my friend [Smith]whom I have known for a long time, behaved with dignity and decency.

“The police trust us. The police say they don’t care about us.

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She added: “I’m just a tourist here… I’ve been living here for five months.

“I am an ordinary tourist. It was a regular boozefest – someone dies here every day.

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