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The StreamCam is Logitech’s latest webcam. Landing in 2020, it sits above the aging C920 in Logitech’s lineup but below the 4K-capable Brio. It has a smart design, AI-powered auto-framing, stereo microphones, and records high-quality Full HD video at 60fps.

But, while the name suggests this is a camera for streamers, we think it’s more of a good option for remote workers who want to improve their look (and sound quality) without spend unnecessarily for a 4K webcam whose extra pixels are wasted on HD. – only videoconferencing platforms.

Logitech StreamCam Specifications

(Image credit: Alistair Charlton/Digital Camera World)

Resolution: 1080p Full HD

Field of view: 78 degrees

Frame rate: 60 fps

Digital Zoom:

Microphone: Yes, stereo

Autofocus: Yes

Privacy cover: Nope

Link: USB-C (fixed)

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Main characteristics

(Image credit: Alistair Charlton/Digital Camera World)

Logitech desperately wants you to believe this is a great camera for streaming (opens in a new tab). In fact, the StreamCam’s box even says it’s “the ultimate experience for streamers”, but make no mistake. Logitech has unfortunately let its marketing department get in the way, because while it’s a good webcam, the StreamCam isn’t, at least for those who want to succeed in their scramble from streaming on the Internet.

A supposed key feature is how the StreamCam can be rotated 90 degrees and used to shoot portrait mode HD video suitable for Instagram stories. But since it is not possible to live stream an Instagram story from a webcam (only a smartphone), this feature is rather ideal for content creators, like YouTubers, who want to shoot stories in portrait orientation. , rather than streaming live at that time. aspect ratio.

More useful features include a decent autofocus system and an auto-framing feature that crops in slightly then uses AI to pan and zoom to keep your face in shot as you move. We don’t know which streamers are walking around their rooms instead of sitting at their desks, but we probably shouldn’t continue to pull this particular linguistic thread.

Other features come with the free Logi Capture app, which lets you adjust camera settings, create a colored border, and even add text and lower thirds to your videos, before editing. Stream them to your video calling, recording, or streaming app of choice. It’s a nice set of simple features that amateur content creators will no doubt find useful.

Build and manipulate

The StreamCam is one of the more attractive webcams (at least to our eyes) and is bigger than it looks. But that’s not a bad thing because a bigger camera usually means a better camera thanks to bigger imaging sensors and more lens elements. We like the fabric front and the universal monitor stand works well, with horizontal and vertical adjustment, while a tripod mount is also included in the box.

Being taller than most, the StreamCam’s lens sits slightly higher, so during video calls you’ll appear to be looking lower than with other webcams. It’s a small point, but worth pointing out for anyone who sits close enough to a big screen that exaggerates such a change in gaze.

A good bit of a future sees the StreamCam fitted with a 1.5 meter USB-C cable, but it’s hard-wired to the camera, so if your computer doesn’t have such a port, you’ll need to use an adaptor. The way the Logi logo is written on the side when the camera is in its normal, landscape orientation is also slightly frustrating. Flip it into portrait mode (easily thanks to the two-way webcam mount) and the logo is where it should be, suggesting Logitech really wants the StreamCam to be used to shoot all those vertical Instagram stories that you can’t actually stream.


Logitech StreamCam review

(Image credit: Alistair Charlton/Digital Camera World)

We’ll accept that we’ve given the StreamCam a hard time so far, but that’s mostly due to Logitech’s naming and marketing strategy for what is otherwise a very good webcam. The images it produces are crisp, smooth and well-balanced, with good control over exposure and white balance, especially in tricky lighting situations, like with a window full of sunlight behind us.

The autofocus system wasn’t always as fast as we’d like and sometimes left our face slightly out of focus. But once locked in, the image was beautifully crisp, and anyone upgrading from their built-in laptop webcam will see a major improvement. The sound quality is also good thanks to the dual-mic stereo setup.

But anyone who actually wants to use the StreamCam for streaming…well, unless you’re a beginner, we’d highly recommend buying a cheaper webcam, like the aging but still perfectly acceptable Logitech C920, and then investing in a ring light (opens in a new tab) and a dedicated USB microphone (opens in a new tab). Better lighting and sound will help elevate your streaming camera far beyond splashing on the StreamCam.

The 78-degree field of view, while perfectly acceptable for video calls, isn’t particularly wide when it comes to streaming, while seeing a little more of the presenter’s background is what audiences generally expect .

Logitech StreamCam: Verdict

That said, at the time of writing the StreamCam is being offered at a deep discount in some places, bringing the price down to a much more palatable $95/£65. At this price it’s well worth it, but at the normal price of $170/£140 we’d stop recommending it as an ideal camera for streamers (let alone call it their ‘ultimate experience’). We wish Logitech had removed features like vertical recording and image stabilization (for all those times you’re walking around with a webcam?) and lowered the price.

The StreamCam is a great webcam, and for content creators who don’t yet have a dedicated camera, it can also do a decent job of recording footage for a YouTube channel. But Logitech doesn’t deliver the “ultimate streamer experience” that this camera promises.

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