Live updates: FBI threat fears after Trump raid, Rushdie’s ‘fiery’ humor remains and Cameron Smith penalty

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Of by Salman Rushdie son saying his ‘fiesty’ humor remains at penalty for Aussie golfer Cam Smith, here’s what you need to know this morning.

By Peta Fuller

Woman’s body found in North Queensland bush being treated as homicide

The body of a 44 year old woman was discovered on Saturday afternoon by a group of teenagers blue waterin the north of Townville.

Homicide detectives believe the woman was attacked by someone she knew and declared the area a crime scene.

Police are urging anyone with information to come forward.

Part of the trail where the woman was found.(ABC News: Lily Nothling)

By Peta Fuller

US congressional delegation lands in Taiwan

A small delegation led by the Massachusetts senator Ed Markey flew to Taipei a week after the Chinese military completed live-fire exercises near the island.

This is ABC’s correspondent for East Asia, Bill Birtles:

The Chinese drills, which included firing missiles over Taiwan, followed a visit by Nancy Pelosi — the highest ranked American visitor in 25 years. This latest visit by four US politicians is more routine and unlikely to anger the Chinese government so much. But nationalism over China’s claim to Taiwan runs deep, and this latest visit will likely fuel renewed accusations that the US is provoking Beijing.

US Democratic House member John Garamendi (left)(Taiwan Foreign Ministry via AP)

By Peta Fuller

The important event

Big thing overnight: Salman Rushdie’s ‘fiery’ sense of humor lives on, says his son

The author is now off fan and on the “road to recovery” confirmed his agent, two days after the author of satanic verses was seriously injured when he was stabbed in New York.

(AP: Rogelio V Solis)

literary agent Andrew Wylie warned that although “Rushdie’s condition is moving in the right direction”, his recovery would be long.

His son, Zafar Rushdistressed that his condition was still critical:

“Although the injuries that changed his life are serious, his usual fiery and provocative sense of humor remains intact.”

The family also released a statement, thanking those who stepped in to help after his attack:


By Peta Fuller

The important event

More news while you slept: FBI threat feared after Trump raid

The United States is growing increasingly concerned about threats against federal law enforcement officials following the FBI’s raid of Donald Trump’s home.

Meet ABC’s North American Correspondent Jade Macmillan:

US media reports that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have warned of a spike in violent threats being posted online. Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar says Donald Trump and some of his supporters are making the situation worse by attacking the integrity of law enforcement. Republican Representative and former FBI agent Brian Fitzpatrick also called for calm – including from the former president.

And at least 41 people died after a fire broke out in a crowded church in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

The aftermath of the fire.(AP: Tarek Wajeh)

The fire blocked an entrance, causing a stampede.

Security sources told the media that most of those killed were children.

By Peta Fuller

The important event

Australia want: Cam Smith’s penalty

  • Cameron Smith: The Aussie golfer’s push for world number one just got a little tougher after he was penalized two strokes at the St Jude Championship in Memphis. Why? His ball was was still touching the red danger line while taking a penalty. A win will get him that number one ranking


  • Canberra Airport: The airport reopened late yesterday after a man allegedly fired several bullets inside the terminal – he will face trial today. He would have gone to the airport around 1:30 p.m., sitting by the windows before firing the gun. No one was hurt.
Bullet holes in windows at Canberra airport.(ABC News: Ian Cutmore)

By Peta Fuller

One more thing: a sad end for Freya, the walrus that attracts crowds

The 600 kg walrus was *very* popular in Norwaywith people posing for photos with the animal.

Freya the walrus sitting on a boat at Frognerkilen in Oslo(Tor Erik Schrøder/NTB Scanpix via AP)

And while they are shielded, and officials had said they hoped she would leave of her own accord, she was euthanized.

The Norwegian Fisheries Directorate said Freya was culled early on Sunday “based on an overall assessment of the continuing threat to human security.”

This was Freya earlier this year:


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