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Mayor Darren Power wants the residents of the City of Logan to use people power to get federal candidates to support important projects.

Published: April 27, 2022

People Power will be the driving force for federal election candidates who pledge their support for the City of Logan’s most needed infrastructure.

Logan City Council is advocating for the timely delivery of 16 projects ahead of the May 21 election to ensure quality of life, economic growth and sustainability and is seeking community support.

Mayor Darren Power said the Stand up for Logan program now has a Facebook presence to encourage community conversations.

“Making sure these projects become a reality is critical as the City of Logan’s population reaches half a million people by 2041,” Councilor Power said.

“Whether it’s improving our road network, installing new security cameras, environmental programs, or building vital community and recreation facilities, we know that investments from all levels of government will help us. to create a livable city ready for the opportunities of tomorrow.

“I also strongly advocate for an Olympic site in the city that can be reused for years after the games in 2032.”

Cr Power said voter opinions were powerful in securing commitments from candidates.

“It’s fine for the Council to say this is what we need in Logan, but people power will really focus on what matters most in the community,” he said.

Cr Power urged residents to visit and enjoy the Defend Logan Facebook page to get the latest updates, provide feedback and generate ideas.

“We also have information on the 16 projects on the Council’s website so you can be better informed about the funding needed and why it is important to the city’s prosperity in the future,” he said. .

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