Full CAD/CAM automation for optimized manufacturing speed

Tebis 4.1
Full CAD/CAM automation for optimized manufacturing speed

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The latest CAD/CAM solutions from Tebis focus on manufacturing speed and improving efficiency. The comprehensive CAD/CAM provider views these factors as critical to the future business success of the production machining and die and mold manufacturing industry.

The Tebis Job Shop promotional package is tailored to the requirements of machining and plant construction companies as well as subcontractors.

(Source: Tebis)

With the comprehensive Tebis 4.1 CAD/CAM system, all design, manufacturing preparation and NC programming tasks can be performed in one solution. The system is geared towards the automated manufacture of individual parts for machines, molds and dies: automated, fast and efficient, all in one system. Users can rely on Version 4.1 to quickly and efficiently master process complexity and reduce employee workload.

For die and mold makers, it is important to automate not just programming, but all associated processes. Tebis has always pursued this objective in the continuous development of version 4.1 of its software. It now offers a completely process-oriented solution like no other, encompassing the entire process from CAM data to the finished part and optimally coordinating CAD, CAM, CAQ and manufacturing. Everything that can be done in software is done in software. Anything that can be automated is automated.

With the growing shortage of skilled labor being felt across the industry, the question of how effectively teams can work together is becoming increasingly important. Relieving existing employees of routine tasks, reducing the complexity of manufacturing processes, and making existing manufacturing knowledge accessible across the enterprise are key steps in unlocking business potential and establishing lean manufacturing processes.

On this basis, the complete CAD/CAM system Tebis 4.1 comprises different solutions:

  • Tebis 4.1 can be used to standardize a range of parts, even in the manufacture of single parts. This is done by defining classes of parts that have common manufacturing characteristics.
  • Manufacturing expertise is available in digitized form for all users in every company. This guarantees fast manufacturing results with consistent quality.
  • Tedious routine tasks are stored in templates in Tebis 4.1 and can be implemented with a single click.
  • The automated, intelligent part can be quickly installed, tightened and fabricated. This also serves as optimal preparation for the introduction of handling systems for automatic part feeding.
  • Workshops and processes are digitized to enable up to 85% faster manufacturing.
  • CAD/CAM automation for the rapid preparation of simple parts in production machining.

With an ongoing campaign offer for production machining, Tebis specifically targets contractors, production machining and plant engineering companies. The focus is on companies that usually produce their parts prismatically (including multi-sided machining) and milling machines and generate their NC programs primarily in the control.

Tebis’ customized and cost-effective offering, which includes software, training and (if desired) on-site implementation, enables production machining users to manufacture more parts faster. This solution can benefit companies that currently have to refuse orders because they lack skilled labor or because their programming and manufacturing are too slow, as well as users looking for a valid solution for prevent collisions.

The Tebis Job Shop package can also scale easily to meet growing demands and is suitable for users expanding their range of offerings to include complex parts, investing in new machines or wanting to modernize their CAM programming.

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