Fix ‘Webcam or camera not working on Windows 11’ 2022 trick

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Check the box “Webcam or camera does not work in Windows 11”

The camera does not work with your Windows 11 PC? You are in good company. Many customers are struggling with a similar problem. Here we collect all the possible solutions to get your webcam working again.

Why your Windows 11 camera is not working

There are two main possible reasons: hardware or software. Unlike something wrong with Windows, a webcam is a physical device, so the problem could be with the device itself or your computer’s understanding of how to connect to it. Most Windows webcam problems have something to do with software. That is, Windows 11 does not understand that the camera is connected or that the software you are using (like a browser or video program) does not have the correct permissions enabled, thus blocking access to the camera.

How to Fix Webcam Not Working in Windows 11

If you’ve already connected and configured your webcam with Windows, but your computer isn’t detecting it, follow these troubleshooting steps to identify where the problem is and what you can do to fix it. Test the webcam after each step to see if it’s fixed before moving on to the next tip.

  • Check the camera manufacturer’s website to confirm that it is compatible with Windows 11. Most webcams list the manufacturer somewhere on the front.
  • Really old cameras probably won’t work with newer versions of Windows and won’t answer any of these troubleshooting tips. Your only option in this case is to buy a newer camera.
  • Restart your computer. A reboot is usually the solution to problems that have no clear origin. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t consider it too simple a solution. might be all you have to do.
  • Also, another app or browser tab might already be using the camera. Restarting the entire PC ensures that the webcam is disconnected from these sources.
  • A quick way to restart Windows 11 is to use the Start menu: right-click and navigate to Shut down or log out > Restart.
  • If the webcam is connected via a cable, unplug it and then plug it back in. Take the opportunity to use a different port to eliminate the first port as a problem.
  • Although it seems obvious, it is important that the camera lens is free of debris. If it’s new and contains plastic or includes a privacy cover, make sure they don’t get in the way. This could be the solution for a camera that seems to be of very poor quality or only shows a black screen.
  • Check that the application with which you are using the webcam is correctly configured. It can be a web browser or a desktop program, so how it’s done is different for everyone.
  • If you’re using Chrome, for example, make sure the webcam isn’t blocked. If webcam software is installed, check the menus to confirm that the camera is not disabled.
  • Windows 11 has its own controls: Settings > Privacy & Security > Camera. Enable camera access and allow apps to access your camera. Further down the page, they switch to specific apps; check that the applications you need have rights enabled to use the webcam.
  • Temporarily disable antivirus, firewall and privacy software. Some programs have built-in webcam protection, which could be what’s blocking it.
  • If disabling these programs causes the camera to work, review your settings to see what needs to be changed, then re-enable them immediately. There’s probably a webcam protection option enabled, or something similar that’s preventing your apps from using the camera.
  • Test your webcam to see if your computer can even recognize it. If you use an online tester like, assuming the browser is not blocking access to the camera, this will confirm that the webcam is working and your computer can use it effectively.
  • Open Device Manager and enable or disable the camera, depending on your situation:
  • Activate the webcam if it is deactivated. This is an unlikely fix unless you disable it yourself, but it’s still something you can check. The hardware must be enabled for Windows 11 to use it.
  • Disable the webcam if both an internal and an external one are installed and the wrong one is being used. Windows won’t use both webcams at once, and some apps won’t let you choose which one to use.
  • For example, if the built-in camera is active, but you prefer to use the external camera, disable the internal webcam in Device Manager.
  • Uninstall the camera from Device Manager to force Windows to reinstall the driver.
  • To do this, open the Imaging Devices area of ​​Device Manager, right-click the camera and select Uninstall Device > Uninstall. Finish by restarting the computer.
  • Run a driver update tool. This will check for missing, corrupt, or outdated drivers and install them for you. One of them could be related to your webcam.

Final Words: Fix “Webcam or Camera Not Working in Windows 11”

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