Dell UltraSharp 4K webcam review


Dell recently launched its latest webcam with 4K capabilities called Dell UltraSharp. It packs Sony STARVIS sensor for better low-light performance, HDR support and a 4K sensor that claims to offer the best output quality from a webcam.

Dell has also given the webcam some features like AI auto framing, noise reduction, presets, field of view control, and more.

In an era where laptop webcams aren’t getting better, as manufacturers push for thin and light chassis design, making it even harder for them to put larger sensors with better quality and resolution lens, an external webcam seems to be a viable solution. This is where Dell UltraSharp the webcam comes in.

We’ve been using the Dell UltraSharp webcam for almost a month now and here’s what we think.

Dell UltraSharp Web Camera: Design
Remember Apple’s iSight webcam? The Dell UltraSharp is exactly like one. In fact, it looks like Dell just took the design in its entirety and remade it in a matte finish and with minor improvements like privacy cover, detachable stand. That’s it.

For those unfamiliar with the Apple iSight webcam, the Dell webcam features a cylindrical design with a magnetically attached cover for added privacy. In the lower area there are two cutouts for fixing the holder and Usb cable. Dell also included two different mounts, one for the laptop screen and one for the tripod mounts.

In our test the magnetic force is quite good and the brackets fit perfectly without any issues. In addition, the holder also works well with laptop screens. We haven’t experienced any issues with our ROG Strix GL502 laptop. A major flaw, however, is that it only allows tilt adjustment.

In general, the build quality is good and since the Apple iSight webcam is no longer available, the Dell UltraSharp webcam is one of a kind.

Dell UltraSharp Web Camera: Connectivity, software features and performance
The connectivity is quite easy and straightforward. It’s plug and play. All you need to do is plug one side of the USB cable included in the case into the webcam and the other into laptops or PCs. Your system will automatically download the Dell Peripheral Manager.

By the way, you don’t need any other software to use the webcam as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. detected the webcam automatically and started relaying the feed from the camera.

However, Dell UltraSharp Manager is a must have webcam software as it unleashes the true potential of the webcam. The software allows you to change settings, resolution (4K and 1080p), change frame rate, zoom, toggle HDR (High Dynamic Range) and also enable AI auto framing function. What we liked the most is the fact that it also allows adjustment of brightness, contrast, tint, sharpness and other settings.

Regarding the performance of the webcam, it is undoubtedly one of the best on the market and we have no hesitation in recommending it right away. But wait, there is more to the story and something that may be a deciding factor for some. The only problem here is that the webcam doesn’t have a microphone, which means you’re still stuck with the one that came with your laptop or the headphones you use. The inclusion of the studio-grade microphone could have made a big difference.

Despite the missing microphone, Dell UltraSharp is crisp, the 4K UHD resolution sensor takes full advantage of the larger sensor that comes with the webcam and delivers crisp, vivid and clear image output. Many will think that the 4K resolution support is a bit of a stretch, but in our opinion, it isn’t.

The image captured using the webcam is really good and is almost as good and detailed as what you would get with a decent blog camera. The AI-auto framing feature also came in handy while blogging.

The best part is that the camera gives users the ability to manually change things. So we mainly used 1080p resolution for video conferencing, although they only support 720p video calling. In addition, the AI-auto framing function is next level and works perfectly even in dark conditions.

Speaking of low-light performance, Dell UltraSharp is really good, thanks to the Sony STARVIS sensor. The quality was good even in low light conditions.

The Dell UltraSharp webcam is among the best webcams you can buy in terms of image quality and features.

Dell UltraSharp Web Camera: Verdict
For the asking price of Rs 18,999, the Dell UltraSharp is undoubtedly an expensive deal, at least for most regular buyers. But if you have that kind of budget to invest in a webcam, there is nothing on the market that can beat the Dell UltraSharp webcam.


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