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Despite its best efforts, the Dell Pro webcam just doesn’t live up to its name. Consistent AI tracking and eye-catching construction certainly help its case, but the lack of finer detail in recordings and the appearance of far too much noise prevent it from being recommended.


  • AI tracking works well
  • HDR does a decent job in low light
  • great design

The inconvenients

  • Records lack detail
  • Too much noise
  • There are better “pro-level” webcams out there


  • UKMSRP: £155.99

  • 2K video capture:The Dell Pro webcam is capable of shooting video in Quad HD resolution.

  • AI auto framingThe camera can intelligently keep you in the center of the picture, even when you’re moving.

  • Built-in microphone:A built-in microphone lets you talk to friends or colleagues via the webcam.


With the Dell Pro webcam, the company offers an alternative for professionals and content creators who want higher quality images.

Webcams have had something of a renaissance in recent years. With more people working from home than ever, there’s a growing market for dedicated webcams that can put built-in laptop cameras to shame.

Dell is no stranger to the computing space, so it makes sense that the company would throw its hat in the ring. Unfortunately, however, the company expertise that has gone into making great products like the Dell XPS line is not to be found here.

Design and features

  • Cylindrical construction that exudes style
  • AI tracking works well
  • Magnetic privacy shutter is a great idea

To its credit, the Dell Pro Webcam feels like a premium product. The cylindrical design makes it look more like a camera lens than a typical webcam and the build feels solid when held in the hand. I like that the mounting clip retracts into the body of the webcam itself when not in use, which makes the Pro Webcam one of the easiest to carry around in a bag.

The mounting clip is also able to extend to an angle of nearly 90 degrees, so there’s good flexibility available, particularly if you have a larger than average monitor. The real icing on the cake is the magnetic shutter cap which can attach seamlessly to the front of the webcam when you want some privacy, or tucked away in the back when not needed. . It’s a small touch but one that’s appreciated, and the cap itself stayed solid and never showed any signs of the sensor falling off.

The design of the Dell Pro webcam
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If you tend to move around in your chair, you’ll be happy to know that the Webcam Pro offers automatic AI tracking to keep you in the frame. The feature is a little slow to respond and because the tracking is done digitally as opposed to the physical movement that’s possible on webcams like the Insta360 link, there’s a decent amount of noise that pops up if you move too far towards the edges. But it still serves its main purpose of keeping the focus on you.

For those who don’t want the AI ​​following them, you can always disable the feature and toggle between a static FOV of 65 or 78 degrees, the latter of which can be handy if you have multiple people at a desk and you all want to be visible. during the call.

Performance and video quality

  • Video lacks the detail you expect from 2K recording
  • Too much noise creeps into the picture
  • HDR does a decent job with low-light scenes

One of the main features of the Dell Pro webcam is its supposed ability to shoot in 2K, which is a notable markup over the typical 1080p standard found on most webcams in 2022. Unfortunately, I struggled to see that 2K claim come to life in the records. pictures.

For starters, any detail one might expect from a 2K stream just isn’t noticeable here. Instead, images captured by the Pro webcam have a smoothness, with the device preferring to capture the right colors rather than the finer details.

The Dell Pro webcam camera lens
Image Credit (Reliable Reviews)

To its credit, and particularly when HDR mode is enabled, the Dell Pro webcam does a decent job of keeping everything bright enough that people won’t complain on the other end of the call that they can’t see you. Even when I turned off the lights in my home office, the Pro webcam was still able to create a sense of separation between me and the background behind me.

However, what really hampered the whole experience with the Dell Pro webcam was the amount of noise that occurs when filming. Of course, the degree of screen noise will depend on how much light you have, but in almost every situation I couldn’t get rid of it completely, and it wasn’t long before that I find myself dreaming of the best. (albeit more expensive) Insta360 link.

A screenshot of Dell's software
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Luckily, I found a better experience testing the webcam’s noise-canceling microphone. As the name suggests, the mic does a nice job of sharpening your voice against background noise intrusions – although if you want crystal-clear sound, I’d recommend picking up a dedicated mic instead.


  • Dell Peripheral Manager offers granular controls
  • Almost no control over the microphone
  • Doesn’t quite compare to Insta360 link checker

If you want more control over the Dell Pro webcam, users can dive into the bundled Dell Device Manager. This is where you can find options for presets, camera control, color and image, capture and audio.

Presets offer a range of predefined filters that you can switch to as you wish, but you have the option of creating your own presets if you prefer a style of capture. Camera control is all about positioning for the right angle, while Color and Image let you tweak more granular options like white balance and contrast.

There’s nothing here in terms of audio beyond just turning the mic on or off, and Capture lets you choose the resolution and frame rate of your footage. Overall the software works well and is easily indicated to make it a breeze for less experienced users, but I would have liked to see a permanent taskbar for quick access to camera controls, a much like what you find with the Insta360 link controller.

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Should I buy it?

You want an easy-to-use webcam: While it won’t be toppling the competition anytime soon, the Dell Pro webcam is still pretty user-friendly and can work reasonably well when there’s a fair amount of natural light nearby.

You want a premium level webcam: While it has big aspirations, the Dell Pro webcam just can’t compete with the Insta360 Link, so if you want a device for high-quality recording, I’d recommend looking elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

With a premium build that easily makes it one of the sleekest webcams on the market, the Dell Pro webcam clearly has big aspirations, but its overall performance holds it back from greatness. Although it’s labeled as offering 2K recording, its images lack polish and there’s far too much noise, even in brighter environments. If you want a high-end webcam that doesn’t disappoint, then the Insta360 Link should be your go-to option.

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Does the Dell Pro webcam have a microphone?

Yes, there is a microphone built into the webcam.


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