Curious moose spotted by ski resort webcam (watch)

A large moose was spotted walking through the deep snow behind Steamboat Resort’s (Colorado) mid-mountain snow stake camera, and the internet is absolutely devouring it.

The moose appears to be eating something placed behind a tree in the camera frame. He appears to be a young bull.

Check out the nearly 90-second clip below:

This moose spotting in Steamboat happened just days after two moose were recorded by the snow stake camera in Snowbasin, UT.

I mentioned in this article, which you can consult herethat ski resorts should place some food near their snow stake camera to attract moose and other wildlife for our enjoyment.

Here is what I said:

Is it irresponsible for ski resorts to put out a small bowl of food to attract moose during blizzards to their snow cameras?

I don’t want to cause any trouble, but watching a snow stake with two big moose in the background is even more fun than watching the snow alone…”

Is it pure coincidence that a moose was spotted munching on some kind of food in full view of Steamboat’s snow camera a few days later, or was someone from their marketing team Actually listen to my suggestion?

It’s not conclusive at this point. So let me try something-

Steamboat Marketing Team, if you’re reading this, please drop us a line in your next snowstake video. Something subtle will do. I will watch/wait!

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