Chromebook screen recorder supports webcam selfie

Compared to just over a year ago, Chromebook’s built-in screenshot/recorder utility has come a long, long way. In fact, I have a hard time remembering the rudimentary nature of it before the way it works now. The functionality has gotten so good that it even has its own dedicated key on a number of Chromebook keyboards at this point. With the ability to capture full screen, partial screen, and select windows in stills or video, this built-in tool is so much better than any other native screen capture you get on any other system. operating in my opinion.

A big missing feature

However, compared to some of the actual screen recording competitors, the Chromebook screenshot tool falls short in one key area: webcam capture. Think about how many video tutorials you’ve watched where the instructor’s face in the corner of the video helps you connect to the content on the screen. Although it’s not necessary in all situations, I can assure you that there were many times when I really wanted to record my face while sending a screen recording video from my phone. instruction to someone.

Luckily, that exact feature is on the way. Thanks to a hint from Chromium Gerrit, we now know that the selfie (or web) camera is added to the capture mode feature in Chrome OS. How it will end up being implemented at this point is still a mystery, but I’m glad it’s on the way. Slowly but surely, the screenshot tool on Chromebooks continues to grow and expand, making the need for third-party software for this stuff less and less necessary.

I don’t want to take anything away from services like Loom or Screencastify which do a great job of capturing video and audio from all sorts of devices, and for those who need cross-platform support for this sort of thing, these services will continue to be your way forward. But if you only need screen recordings once in a while and want your face in the mix to help relay what you’re trying to show someone, it looks like your Chromebook will natively have this feature very soon.

For now, this is clearly in its early stages and has just been tested. Ultimately, however, it’s not out of the question that we might see this feature at least in the Dev Channel in just a few releases, as the basic structure has already been merged. The camera and screenshot tools are both well-established for Chrome OS, so it’s more about integrating that camera feed and cleaning up the UI before, during, and after recording. I don’t want to shed light on what the Chrome OS team is up to, but this one feels like a lighter lift than many of the new options we keep seeing roll out. Fingers crossed we get this sooner rather than later.

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