Cam Smith may have set a putting record

Cameron Smith lines up a putt Friday on the 17th hole at St. Andrews.

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Cameron Smith almost traveled the length of a football field with his putts. His putting shots would have nearly taken him from home plate to third.

And so on. Lots of fun can be had with the length of putts Smith dropped in his second round of the Open Championship on Friday at St. Andrews. You can also add this one.

He may have set a record.

The flag blows in the wind at the 2022 Open Championship.

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During Smith’s round of eight under 64, he putted over 250 feet, which could be the highest number since the PGA Tour began tracking the stat, in 2004. Why? Perhaps? The Tour doesn’t track Open Championships – the figure was measured by the Open – although, of course, that’s still impressive.

According to the Open’s online scoreboard, Smith made 255 feet of putts, about 15 feet more than Brent Geiberger’s record number from 2006, when he made 240 feet, 4 inches of putts. (Note that the Tour and Golf Channel report that Smith’s number is 253 feet.)

“They’ve been keeping statistics on the PGA Tour since 2004. Doing the math, it’s about 300,000 rounds they’ve compiled, and what we’ve seen today, we’ve never seen in the statistical history of the PGA Tour,” analyst Brandel Chamblee said Friday on the Golf Channel. Live from the Open To display.

Notably, Smith set an official mark on Friday as his under-13 total over 36 holes is the lowest of an Open at St. Andrews. And last year, he tied a Tour mark by putting just 18(!) in his second round at the WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational.

Cameron Smith putts at the 2022 Open Championship

The British Open leader does not use practice shots. He does that instead.


Luke Kerr-Dineen

This is where you might be wondering his secret, and GOLF’s Luke Kerr-Dineen took a good look here. In one sentence, Smith doesn’t take a practice putt before his actual shot, preferring to watch the hole instead.

“Basically looking down the hole and trying to see the ball drop right in front of there,” Smith said on Friday. “That’s always been my last thought, is to look long and hard at the hole and really feel the putt. I don’t do a practice shot. I just got up there and I really feel it.

If you want to see Smith’s putt for yourself, his third round starts at 10:55 a.m. on Saturday. Below is an overview of the distances of all his putts made on Friday, according to the Open’s online rankings.

Holes 1-9
375 yards, par 4 1st: 47 feet (birdie)
452 yards, par 4 2nd: 17 feet (birdie)
398 yards, par 4 3rd: 12 feet (birdie)
480 yards, par 4 4th: 2 feet (par)
570 yards, par 5 5th: 21 feet (par)
414 yards, par 4 6th: 3 feet (par)
371 yards, par 4 7th: 6 feet (birdie)
187 yards, par 3 8th: 29 feet (birdie)
352 yards, par 4 9th: 5 feet (par)
Total: 142 feet

Holes 10-18
386 yards, par 4 10th: 7 feet (birdie)
174 yards, par 3 11: 5 feet (par)
351 yards, par 4 12th: 8 feet (par)
465 yards, par 4 13th: 2 feet (par)
614 yards, par 5 14th: 64 feet (eagle)
455 yards, par 4 15: 2 feet (par)
418 yards, par 4 16: 11 feet (par)
495 yards, par 4 17: 10 feet (par)
356 yards, par 4 18: 4 feet (par)
Total: 113 feet

Total 18 holes: 255 feet

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