Cam girls work inside plastic pods during lockdown

Women are fed by sofas, beds, desks and a webcam (Photo: CamSoda)

The The coronavirus pandemic has forced industries to innovate with their services and workspaces in order to protect staff.

This primarily means social distancing, frequent cleaning, and hand sanitizer on tap.

However, in Medellin, Colombia, an adult webcam company has taken it one step further by providing their cam girls with plastic capsules to work indoors.

These include everything necessary for the women to do their work; a laptop, bed or coach and, of course, a webcam, with every room and equipment cleaned and disinfected after use.

The women also undergo a temperature control at the entrance.

Colombia, which is currently in national lockdown until at least August 30, has seen its real estate market hit hard in recent months.

But it looks like one industry’s pandemic problems are the gain of another – because it allowed CamSoda to turn an otherwise empty warehouse into a makeshift office for its workers.

While security is the primary concern, unusual plastic parts have a secondary benefit: privacy.

Cam girls working in pods

The plastic pods are located in an empty warehouse in Medellin, Colombia (Photo: CamSoda)

Some women live with family and friends, which can be difficult when doing sex work.

It can get quite loud after all.

“The quarantine over the past few months has been incredibly difficult for all of us,” said Daryn Parker, vice president of CamSoda.

“And for a lot of our models, it was particularly difficult to find a place to cam.

“There has been a surge in traffic to adult cam sites, as well as a large influx of new models looking for ways to make money while staying socially aloof.

“These models, both veteran and newcomer, have children, spouses, parents and roommates who are now at home 24/7, and it has become almost impossible for them to broadcast in private without interruption. “

However, if the photos posted by CamSoda are any indication, women will still be able to see each other, as the plastic is transparent and there is no cover.

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