Cam girls, plastic surgery and sociopaths – the best documentaries on YouTube

The coronavirus has quarantined the country as people try to stop the spread of the pandemic, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson telling people to only leave their homes for essential purchases, one form of exercise a day or s ‘they have to go to work, if they cannot work from home.

Lots of people can continue to work from home, while countless others have been left without a job – but everyone has a lot of free time to occupy now, they cannot go out.

TV shows are in chaos, with production canceled around the world and series delayed.

Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and NowTV provide plenty of options for people who want to watch something, but what if you want something different or have exhausted those options?

Well, don’t worry, because Daily Star Online has scoured YouTube for the best documentary series available – and, best of all, they’re all free to watch.

Plastic surgery transformations

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Video-sharing network vloggers love to keep their millions of subscribers up to date with their lives, but some really let them talk about their most vulnerable times.

YouTube is full of people – some with millions of subscribers, others far fewer – who document their plastic surgery journeys, whether it’s facial procedures, breast work, or other skin-changing operations. life.

One of those people is Australian beauty vlogger Shani Grimmond, who has 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

In 2017, Shani told her fans she wanted a job, starting a sporadic series of videos about her surgical experience.

In addition to her regular videos, the Bomb took her viewers to her consultation and gave insight into her recovery from the operation.

Shani Grimmond documented her breast augmentation journey on YouTube
Shani Grimmond documented her breast augmentation journey on YouTube

Since then, Shani has shared updates after a week and two years, giving fans a lot of first-hand information about the surgery.

She, like many on the platform, also documented her experience with lip fillers.

While not a conventional documentary, Shani’s videos provide an entertaining yet insightful take on elective surgery.

Other popular YouTubers who have shared their plastic surgery journeys include Gigi Gorgeous, who was open about her transition from male to female, and Tana Mongeau, who had her nose redo.

Conspiracy Theories – From Fast Food To Wiretaps

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Shane Dawson is arguably the king of documentaries on YouTube – and will be on this list a few more times.

But his many conspiracy theory videos really get his 23 million subscribers thinking, whether it’s wiretapping, Disney, or fast food.

Moving away from traditional YouTube videos, Shane produces series with a much higher budget that are much more of a viewing experience.

Away from his series focused on individual YouTubers, Shane has produced a number of standalone conspiratorial episodes.

The social media celebrity has researched whether or not a fast food chain is reusing junk pizza for new orders, whether our phones are constantly listening to us, and whether children’s cartoons promote suicide.

Shane Dawson is the king of YouTube documentaries
Shane Dawson is the king of YouTube documentaries

Most recently, on his Channel 2, Shane took a look at secret filming devices and the risks to people staying in vacation rentals due to cameras getting more devious and smaller.

He is so well known for his conspiracy videos that he later released an eyeshadow palette called Conspiracy.

There are countless conspiracy theories videos on YouTube, as well as videos of unsolved mysteries.

Australian beauty YouTuber Bella Fiori proves she’s not just a pretty face with her unsolved mystery streak, which examined Princess Diana’s plots, the Bermuda Triangle, MH370 robbery and numerous disappearances and murders less known.

In the minds of sociopaths

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Another mention for Shane Dawson, in 2018 the YouTube OG produced an eight-part series on social media star Jake Paul.

Jake and his brother Logan Paul have had a number of controversies around them, which have burst into the mainstream media.

Shane used the videos – which will keep you busy for nearly seven hours – to delve into the mind of Jake Paul, which is also the title of the series.

One of Shane Dawson's series looked at Jake Paul's mind
One of Shane Dawson’s series looked at Jake Paul’s mind

He spoke to experts, Jake, his family, friends, former girlfriends and even his so-called enemies to examine his life and try to see whether or not he was a sociopath.

It turned out to be an extremely popular series, with over 150 million views combined.

While Shane says the show isn’t hard evidence that Jake is a sociopath or not, the twists are sure to keep you entertained for hours.

Anthony Padilla’s I Spent A Day With – Cam Girls, K-Pop Fans, Ex-Cult Members & More

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Anthony Padilla, who was part of Smosh on YouTube before going solo, recently rose to prominence for his interview series, titled I Spent A Day With.

He sat down with some really interesting people, such as popular cam girls, former cult members, BTS fanatics, strippers, and adult babies.

The series is not intended to poke fun at the subjects Anthony interviewed, but rather to give viewers a glimpse into their subculture or particular interest that may not be perceived as an outsider.

Popular YouTuber Anthony Padilla now has a series of interviews in which he has spoken to many interesting people
Popular YouTuber Anthony Padilla now has a series of interviews in which he has spoken to many interesting people

In addition to the weird – check out otherkin’s video for a real WTF moment – Anthony has conducted more serious interviews.

He interviewed 911 emergency dispatchers, people with autism, former Uber drivers and even substitute teachers.

So far the I spent a day with the reading list contains 59 episodes, which means there is plenty of content to keep people stuck in their homes entertained.

Who knows, you might be inspired to start a new hobby …

Gay male prison

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Prison documentaries are ridiculously popular, with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and NowTV chock-full of series and in-depth reviews of some of the world’s toughest blockages.

In 2014, production company WOWPresents released a short documentary about the K6G wing of the Los Angeles County Jail, which housed its gay inmates.

The footage had been taken 10 years earlier, from when they attempted to shoot a reality doc on the wing, which was then known as K-11.

It had been lost for all these years, but was uploaded to YouTube and provides a very interesting insight into the segregation based on sexuality behind bars.

There is a ridiculous amount of prison documentaries on YouTube.

If that’s your thing, a simple search will let you watch material for hours, if not days.

Inside the cosmetics industry

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Proving his versatility, Shane Dawson has worked with close friend and megastar beauty vlogger Jeffree Star on two documentary series.

The first series looked into the life of longtime social media influencer Jeffree as the owner of one of the world’s most popular cosmetic lines.

He showed millions of people what really happened in Jeffree’s life, which was full of luxury, designer clothes and colors.

During the first series, Jeffree suggested that he and Shane start a collaboration for his brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

And that’s where the second series comes in, documenting what really goes on behind the scenes at a makeup brand.

Jeffree Star has worked with his friend Shane Dawson on a number of beauty industry series
Jeffree Star has worked with his friend Shane Dawson on a number of beauty industry series

It shows Shane and Jeffree working on eye shadow colors, lipstick shades, packaging, and getting ready to take it out.

The episodes gave a candid view of the business behind the beauty, showing Shane and Jeffree talking to major retailers around the world and talking about big money – we’re talking millions of dollars.

The series culminated with the launch of the Conspiracy Palette, as well as the Mini Controversy Palette, a line of lipsticks and many other Shane and Jeffree products.

It sold out in minutes, crashing the servers of huge retailers like Morphe and Beauty Bay – and even Jeffree’s own website.

Even if makeup isn’t your thing, the series is worth a look to check out the industry’s mind-boggling money.

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