Blink Cameras, Projectors, and Doorbells Are Super Cheap for Amazon Prime Early Access

The best security cameras don’t have to be complicated to power, set up, and record. Like most Amazon brands, Blink exists to make home security as easy as possible, with minimal setup and troubleshooting required on the user side. This convenience, coupled with low prices, good build quality, and above-average image quality, has made Blink extremely popular among owners.


It’s even released its own Blink video doorbell, and with the right gear, running a Blink video security setup is just that side of plug and play. Blink cameras are meant to be used with a cloud storage subscription, but you can store all recordings locally if you grab the Blink Sync Module 2 and a USB flash drive. And because we’re in the middle of the Amazon Prime Early Access sale, Blink cameras are cheaper than ever.

From $60 on Amazon

Arguably its most versatile offering, the Blink Outdoor Security Camera is an unassuming, surprisingly capable piece of equipment in a compact, rugged package. Its 1080p sensor produces crisp, clear images, but the Blink Outdoor isn’t limited to daylight. At night, it uses a separate IR sensor to record its surroundings without the need for a floodlight – although Blink will soon have a $100 wired Floodlight camera if you want to add one down the line.

Two-way speakers let you hear what’s going on and respond to anyone (or anything) that might be there. It supports Alexa voice control, including IFTTT applet programming, and sports a 110-degree field of view with reliable motion detection. You can get your hands on a single Blink Outdoor at 40% off list price, and your savings grow as you choose larger packs with up to 5 cameras.

You’re less likely to need all-weather construction or battery power for indoor use. In this case, the Blink Mini is hard to beat for the price. Compared to the outdoor, it has a similar 1080p sensor, consistent motion detection, infrared night vision, and two-way audio. A single Blink Mini is on sale for $30, while a two-pack is also on sale for…$30. We recommend the two-pack.

From $30 on Amazon

What Blink Outdoor lacks is a bright spotlight. So when there’s something out there in the dark, whether it’s a visitor, animal, stranger, or tumbleweed, the Blink Floodlight Pack will illuminate it. It’s basically a mounting accessory that uses the motion sensing feature of the Blink Outdoor to activate a 700 lumen floodlight. One of these bad boys is 40% off right now, but opting for the two-unit pack gets you the second one for just an extra $30.

From $85 on AmazonFinally, you can get a great deal on a variety of Blink products at once if you find the perfect pack for you. One such package features a pair of Blink Outdoors, a Blink Video Doorbell, the required Sync Module 2 for local storage, and mounting hardware for everything. You’ll save a substantial amount by choosing the bundle and purchasing it now during the Prime Early Access event.

$160 on Amazon

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