Best webcam 2022: Webcams for streaming and working from home

Zoom calls lack clarity? Don’t let your laptop’s blurry eye ruin your rep: Whether you’re logging on for a debrief or performing for your fans online, the best webcams can redeem any stream.

From cameras that record in crisp 4K to AI-powered eyes that track your mug as it moves, the best webcams in 2022 give your video game an instant upgrade. Some prefer frame rates over outright resolution, while others opt for automated intelligence.

No matter what type of camera you’re looking for, this roundup features winning webcams for home workers, Twitch streamers, and content creators. You’ll also find some handy tips to help you choose the best desktop voyeur for your budget and memory. Because lens jealousy pleases no one.

How to buy the best webcam

eyes & ears

Unless you’re broadcasting a mime routine, you’ll need a microphone to be heard. Many models feature two for stereo speech, but some professional cameras ditch the mic, leaving the audio to a dedicated desktop mic.

Big eyes

Some cameras stick with a fixed field of view, but most let you adjust the angle to suit the scene. A wide field of view is ideal for groups, while a tight crop draws attention to the speaker.

AI by eye

Autofocus will keep your features sharp, while auto-framing will ensure your face stays center stage. The smartest webcams deploy AI subject detection to time your kiss, digitally pan and zoom to keep all eyes on you.

Private detective

Worried your webcam is seeing something it shouldn’t? Choose a model with a physical privacy shutter, which slides over the lens to prevent hidden recording. The most secure cameras also mute their microphones when covered.

The best webcam options for streaming

The low-light viewer: Razer Kiyo Pro

Mood lighting can add ambience to your streaming room, but go too low and no one will see you through the dark. Want a webcam that can take you out of the shadows? Favoring larger pixels over outright resolution, this 1080p viewer features an adaptive light sensor that adjusts settings based on your surroundings. Perfect for noise-free images of your game Fortnite in a neon closet.

The pro portraitist: Elgato Facecam

Streaming stardom starts with great content. Reduced to the important elements, this professional creator abandons a microphone in favor of a Sony CMOS sensor inside. Focus is fixed for optimal clarity, leaving you free to focus on virality, while a tripod mount provides framing flexibility. And because the settings are saved on the camera, you can stream from a friend’s PC without changing the image.

The budget barrel: Streamplify Cam

You won’t gain many Twitch fans if your portrait is a quirky mess. But unlike a gaming rig, you don’t need high-end hardware for faster frame rates: this affordable camera captures your Full HD gaming face at 60fps. Dual mics mean cleaner sound, while a 90° field of view covers more of your desk setup. Overlock off? A sliding cover guarantees respite for your audience.

The best webcam choices for your home office

Office optics: Microsoft Modern Webcam

Teams calls are tedious enough without worrying about whether your webcam is blurring your mug. Certified for HD communications, this official mountable from Microsoft is a simple solution for cleaner streams. Auto Light Adjustment works with HDR to manage highlights, while True Look editing promises to put your best face forward. Or slide the privacy shutter and no co-workers will catch you hiding from home.

The conference companion: Trust Teza

Working from home provides a great opportunity to attend video briefings without wearing pants. The problem is, just one bad angle is enough to reveal your legless state. Thankfully, its professional 4K caller uses a 74° field of view to perfectly frame your top half. No space on your screen? Use the supplied tripod to get a complementary perspective from your desk. Remember to stay seated.

The boss of the conference room: Logitech Brio

Running for a promotion? Your face won’t fit if it’s blurry beyond recognition. Broadcast like a CEO with this professional camera. Its 4K resolution is sharper than a freshly ironed suit, while HDR helps you look like a pro in any shooting scenario. Adjust the field of view to incorporate your executive expressions, as the dual noise-canceling microphones capture your best corporate buzzwords without any background chatter.

The best face tracking webcams

Want to deliver speeches like you’re a Silicon Valley visionary? You can hire a film crew to follow along as you walk and talk. Or you can fix this rotary tool on top of your monitor. Installed like a drone’s nose camera, the gimbal-equipped Link automatically rotates to follow your turtleneck. Its 1/2-inch sensor records in crisp 4K, while gesture controls let you direct the show with a wave. Desktop and whiteboard modes are optimized to focus on your workspace, in case investors ask you to run the numbers.

The sharp shooter: Dell Ultrasharp

Until we have holographic forums like the Jedi Council, this aluminum cylinder provides a realistic way to communicate virtually. Equipped with a 4K CMOS sensor, it uses Digital Overlap HDR to naturally reproduce colors in difficult lighting conditions. Temporal and spatial noise reduction keeps grain at bay, while AI framing follows your face. Windows Hello support also lets you seek to unlock, no Mind Tricks needed.

Okiolabs A10: one of the best webcam models with AI tracking

The team tracker: Okiolabs A10

Chatting with your grandmother online? This smart webcam is all the more pleasing to the eye. 4K footage should limit age-old squint, while noise-canceling mics help older ears hear you clearly. And if grandma asks to see the whole family, the A10 can handle it: turn on tracking at 1080p and the AI ​​will zoom out wide to 125° when your familiars come into frame.

Anker B600: One of the best webcam options for work

The Shining Bar: AnkerWork B600

Want a clutter-free conference room? This multitasking meeting is worthy of Marie Kondo. In addition to training attention on your face, the built-in brain focuses and sharpens the 2K camera. AI also enhances voices from the four-mic array, while 2W speakers project your colleagues’ words. The desk lamp does not bring you joy? A light bar above the lens adjusts brightness and color temperatures to suit the room.

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