Best baby monitors UK 2022: camera and radio models

Great for peace of mind – and allowing a baby to sleep uninterrupted by ‘recordings’ – a good baby monitor will make your job as a parent much easier

<p>Best baby monitors: Camera and radio models from Tommee Tippee, Owlet</p>
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Best baby monitors: Camera and radio models from Tommee Tippee, Owlet

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A baby monitor is an essential piece of kit for every nursery. They let you watch your baby when you’re not with them, whether you’re down in the kitchen cooking dinner or out of the house, leaving them in the care of grandparents. But which one to choose?

A radio baby monitor or a smart monitor: which is better?

There’s a huge range of baby monitors on the market, from the most basic types that only offer audio, to smart, sing-and-dance monitors that track everything from your baby’s breathing to their sleeping habits.

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Anxious parents who often find themselves up all night worrying about their baby might want to opt for a smart monitor. Although they are usually expensive, costing hundreds of dollars, they provide real peace of mind, which can be very beneficial for worried parents who don’t want to constantly wake up and check on their baby.

These can monitor babies in different ways: through socks, swaddles or clips, and will usually let you know how they are doing via an app downloaded to your phone.

Many of these apps will have additional features, such as letting you talk to your baby via two-way audio, letting you activate lullabies or white noise, or even giving you sleep information to help you get to sleep. your baby faster. .

What about a portable baby monitor?

However, apps aren’t for everyone: many parents don’t want to be glued to their phones and prefer to keep an eye on their baby with a separate portable unit. These can be useful if you have more than one person caring for the baby, such as grandparents, nannies or babysitters, as you can simply hand the portable unit over rather than asking each person to upload and download. access the application.

Other parents find that all the smart technology makes them more anxious and just prefer to monitor their baby via video or audio.

What did we look at during testing?

We’ve included a range of baby monitors to suit all budgets. We’ve included those for under £50 which do the job without all the bells and whistles, as well as those at the more expensive end of the scale which have apparently thought of everything a new parent could need. to be reassured.

We tested each baby monitor, rating them on how easy they were to set up and use, what features they offered, how they looked, and most importantly, how they helped us, as worried parents. , to keep an eye on our little ones.

The best baby monitors at a glance

Owlet Baby Monitor Duo

Smart sock duo

If you’re looking for a monitor that not only shows you that your baby is sleeping soundly, but also provides a more complete picture of how the little one is doing, the brilliant system from innovative brand Owlet is for you.

The Owlet Cam is an HD video baby monitor with incredibly clear night vision, ambient temperature sensor and two-way audio, while the Smart Sock tracks baby’s oxygen level and heart rate.

We were really impressed with how easy and intuitive both parts of the duo were to set up and use, and felt real peace of mind knowing that we would be alerted if any of the readings were out of range. “safe areas”.

The app also lets you track your baby’s sleep patterns: great when trying to instill some sort of routine. It’s on the more expensive end of the spectrum, but anxious parents can’t put a price on that level of peace of mind.

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Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System

Nanit Plus Complete Monitoring System

Sleep and safety: two words that constantly come to mind for every new parent. US startup Nanit’s comprehensive monitoring system is an absolute game changer that will bring a sense of calm and control to anxious parents, reassuring them of baby’s safety and providing invaluable insight into baby’s sleep.

We liked the sleek look of the monitor and found it simple to set up.

What we liked even more is how the brand seems to have thought of everything you might need: two-way audio, white noise, choice of wall mount or freestanding floor stand, respiratory garments to help you keep an eye on your baby. breathing. All of this, and a truly fantastic sleep tracking feature that not only helps exhausted parents get a handle on their child’s sleeping habits, but also provides genuinely helpful, personalized sleep advice to finally get them through the night.

We also loved the amazingly clear overhead HD image and the fact that you can turn the monitor on and off from your app. Expensive, sure, but they really have thought of everything – and you can’t put a price on sleeping through the night as soon as possible.

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Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor

Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor

Parents who love wearable technology will be big fans of the award-winning Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor, which not only monitors and tracks your baby’s health, but does the same for you too.

It works differently than the usual camera monitor: designed by doctors, the baby monitor clips onto baby’s clothes and tracks everything from baby’s breathing and temperature to sleeping position and crying, with alerts useful for parents to know if your little one has rolled over, started crying or stopped breathing.

The parent bracelet that comes with it helps you keep track of your baby’s routine and gives you alerts when your baby needs you, but we also loved how it helps parents keep tabs on their own health, with everything from sleep and mood tracking to step counting.

It’s intuitive, smart and also has fabulous battery life. During those early months and years of sleep deprivation, when many parents neglect their own well-being to focus on that of their baby, this monitor has come to the rescue to help keep the whole family healthy and happy.

Angelcare AC527 Baby Movement Monitor with Video

Angelcare AC527 Baby Movement Monitor with Video

If you hate downloading another app to your phone, but still want the benefits of a smart monitor that can check on your baby’s status, consider the Angelcare AC527 Baby Motion Monitor with Video.

The reliable gadget not only includes a unit for the nursery and one for parents to monitor, but also includes a wireless motion sensor that will sound an alarm if no movement is detected after 20 seconds.

We were impressed with the crystal-clear display, two-way audio functionality, impressive night vision, and digital zoom.

We also like that you can add a second motion sensor and baby unit if you have twins or another baby, or want to monitor another room.

A great option to closely monitor your baby without adding another app to your phone.

Tommee Tippee Dreamee Sound, Motion and Video Baby Monitor

Tommee Tippee Dreamee Sound, Motion and Video Baby Monitor

Another fantastic option if you’re anti-app is the Dreamee Sound, Motion and Video baby monitor from trusted brand Tommee Tippee.

The baby monitor comes with a 360-degree camera unit for the nursery and a high-definition parent unit, and also includes a motion sensor that will alert parents if your baby has been standing still for a long time or is moving. there are big sudden moves. .

We particularly like the CrySensor, which picks up crying during naps or in the middle of the night and emits soothing sounds, and the music feature which allows you to play lullabies or even your own music to calm your little one: the two-way audio allows you also talk to your baby.

A great choice if you want peace of mind and your own parent unit without downloading an app.

Ezviz indoor camera

Ezviz indoor camera

Many of us do security and surveillance in our own homes, so if you’re looking for a monitor that’s affordable and can be used for years to come, look no further than the Ezviz Indoor Camera.

The camera is small and discreet and offers impressive night vision, so it’s perfect for a baby’s room, while the two-way talk function will appeal to parents who want to be able to talk to their babies while they’re in bed. .

It’s easy to set up and simple to use, is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and can be used elsewhere in the house for home security purposes once you no longer need a monitor for your kids. A real bargain that will last you for years.

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