9 of 10 online license plate cameras in Greensboro; police looking to add more on patrols


(GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) – In an effort to put more emphasis on the streets of Greensboro, the city police department has installed nine of its 10 license plate reading cameras, with the 10th in front be operational in the coming weeks.

Cameras take unique shots of license plates and vehicles as they pass.

They have been placed in areas where Greensboro Police have been called the most over the past three years.

This includes areas in and around Gate City Boulevard, Market Street, Spring Garden Street and around the Martin Luther King Jr. Drive area.

The software for the cameras is owned by Flock Safety Company, which has placed similar cameras in and around other parts of Greensboro and the Triad at the request of law enforcement and local homeowners associations.

The cameras have been used to track vehicles linked to violent crime, kidnappings, vandalism or stolen vehicles.

Captain James Golden oversees the patrol division and said officers have access to the software in their patrol units and will be alerted if a “targeted” vehicle passes one of their camera locations.

“They will keep it running throughout their shift, and that way they can get an alert,” he said.

The addition of cameras will also make it easier to track vehicles suspected of being stolen or related to crimes if they were to travel to another city or county.

But, only if Flock security cameras were installed there.

“We are developing access and sharing this information, this stolen vehicle, each agency can disclose certain information. It multiplies your investigative capabilities, ”Golden said.

While the camera systems are still new, Greensboro Police are in the process of installing similar license plate scanning cameras in more than 100 of their patrol units.

This will allow officers to take photos of the license plates to see if the vehicles have been suspected of being linked to another crime.

These payments will only take place in February or March 2022.


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