5 reasons you’ll want to get the tiny 4K webcam on day one

When you’re looking for a great camera to use on all your Zoom calls, the Obsbot Tiny 4K Webcam is definitely the one you should consider, especially since it has so many benefits.

As Prime Day is fast approaching, you can find the Obsbot Tiny 4K at an incredible price.

Prime Week of Tiny 4K

Obsbot is doing things differently this year. They extend Prime Day and turn it into Prime Week. Between July 12 and 17, the Tiny 4K will be available at an even deeper discount.


Please keep in mind that on July 12 and 13, during Amazon’s Prime Day, the special price will only be available to Prime members. If you haven’t subscribed to Amazon Prime yet, you should do so now and get a 30-day free trial!

Between July 14 and July 17, you can apply a discount voucher to your order by checking the box under the price of the webcam.

Why you’ll want Tiny 4K

Now that we’ve gone over the amazing prices we’ll see the Tiny 4K Obsbot Webcam for Prime Day this year, we need to dig deeper into why you’d actually want this, what makes it special, and all that.

4K resolution for perfect images

When we think of webcams, we don’t really think of high-end video quality. But with Tiny 4K, that’s exactly what we get because this camera has a 1/2.8″ Sony sensor, 4K resolution, and more. Basically, it delivers crystal clear images even when you zoom in.

The HDR feature will also help you manage the lighting so you don’t have to spend forever editing the video later. This way the camera adjusts to get your best recording, regardless of the light quality in your room.

Webcam with AI

This webcam is not your usual webcam. No, this one uses AI tracking and autofocus to make sure that even if you’re moving, you’re still the center of attention.

The tracking algorithm allows the camera to lock onto a person and follow you smoothly. If you are recording videos for your vlog, this is ideal. It’s a good thing to have even for those who like to dance and post online since the camera will follow your choreography flawlessly.

Additionally, the camera uses autofocus so there is no problem when you move closer or further away from the camera.

Another thing that makes this camera perfect is the fact that it automatically adjusts to give you leeway. This is a mode that helps eliminate head clipping that often occurs when using a webcam and moving around. Suddenly, you find that you are no longer perfectly framed. Fortunately, with the Tiny 4K, you won’t need to adjust the camera manually.

noise reduction

One thing we all hate about webcams is that if you use their built-in microphones, they’ll usually pick up just about anything around you. If your cat meows, your dog barks in the garden, the washing machine is on, everyone will hear it.

The Tiny 4K, however, has two omnidirectional microphones with noise reduction. This way the cameras will pick up your voice even if you are 3 meters away from it. Plus, it will cancel out the noise around you so your voice comes through crisp and clear so everyone can understand you.

Control the camera with gestures

Want to hear about another really cool feature? This camera can be controlled with gestures. You can use your fingers to zoom in and zoom out. You can do this up to four times, gradually going from 2x zoom to 3x to 4x.

The camera will also recognize your right and left hands when making these gestures, so you won’t have to switch hands if you’re holding something for your video, for example.

Complex but easy to use webcam

One cool thing about the Obsbot Tiny 4K is that there is an app that you can download to your devices. The OBsbot TinyCam helps you adjust features such as white balance, sleep mode, etc.

Then, know that the camera comes with a magnetic support that you can hang on the edge of your screen. Alternatively, it is also compatible with all ¼” screw tripods.

It’s also a plug-and-play camera, so you won’t need to make any tuning adjustments unless you want to. You can basically plug it into your computer after receiving your order and start chatting online with your friends or colleagues. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Great webcam, good price

The Obsbot Tiny 4K camera is awesome and getting it for as low a price as it will be available for on Prime Day makes it a total steal!

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